Top 3 Ways to Restore iPhone 7/7Plus

Backup and Restore are the two sides of the same coin. Unless you restore the backed up file, it would become useless and will waste the valuable space of your hard drive. Actually, most of the top apps that are developed for the said purpose create a backup file but the saved file is just read-only. You will be unable to access those files! So, it is very important for you to restore the backed up file otherwise those saved data will be lost forever. There are also a handful of apps that can backup selectively and you can even access those files without restoring them. But if you want to restore iPhone 7, a few attractive options are listed below along with the procedure to restore the backup files. So, let’s begin.

  • Way 1:  Restore iPhone 7 from iCloud
  • Way 2: Restore iPhone 7 from iTunes
  • Way 3: Restore iPhone 7 without iTunes or iCloud
  • Way 1:  Restore iPhone 7 from iCloud

    iCloud is the official way to restore a backup. Most of the users tend to restore iPhone 7 from iCloud because it is efficient and as said before, it is the official way. As convenient it is, there are a few drawbacks of the app like only 5 GB of free storage and the need for steady internet connectivity etc but they can be ignored. So, if you want to know, how to restore iPhone 7 from iCloud then read the instructions below,

    1.    Connect your device to the Wi-Fi network.

    2.    Open your iPhone and go to “Settings”.

    3.    On the drop menu, find iCloud and tap on it.

    4.    Now, if you go to “Storage” through “Manage Storage” you will find a list of backups. They will be sorted by dates.

    5.    Now, again navigate to Settings and then to General

    6.    Tap Reset and then hit “Erase all content and settings”

    reset all contents and  settings iphone

    7.    On “Apps and Data” screen select “Restore from iCloud backup”.

    restore backup with  icloud

    8.    Finally, you need to log-in to your iCloud account using the required ID and password.

    9.    Lastly, tap on “Choose Backup” and find the backup from the list from which iPhone 7 can be restored.

    This way you can easily restore the backup using iCloud app. It is efficient and the task is completed by using the Wi-Fi network.


    • Official app from Apple.
    • Wireless data backup and restore
    • Effective and easy to use.


    • Storage limitations.
    • Steady Wi-Fi connection needed all the time.
    • Need a reset before every restore.
    • No preview.
    • Paid subscription for extra storage.
    • Backup is not accessible unless restored.
    • A bit slow when compared to other apps here.

    Way 2: Restore iPhone 7 from iTunes

    iTunes creates the backup of the whole device but protects it with a highly encrypted program which is impossible to penetrate. So, the only way to access those files is to restore them to your iPhone again. This is a huge disadvantage and many users go for it just because it is also an official app from Apple. Nonetheless, if you don’t know how to restore iPhone 7 from iTunes, you will have a bit of trouble but don’t worry the procedure is mentioned below for your convenience,

    1.    Run iTunes on your computer where you stored the backup.

    2.    Now, get your iPhone and connect it with to that computer using a data cable.

    3.    A message will pop-up on the iPhone, saying “Trust This Computer”, tap on it. The connection will be established.

    4.    After detection, your iPhone will be visible on the iTunes window inside the device icon.

    5.    Go to Summary on the left and Backup section in the iTunes window.

    6.    Click on Restore Backup.

    restore backup with  itunes

    7.    Choose the most relevant backup and click on Restore.

    choose backup with  itunes

    8.    Wait a few moments for the procedure to complete then restart the device.

    9.    After the device restarts, it will sync with your computer, and then unplug the cord.

    It may seem like a bit elaborated procedure but it is one of the official methods to restore your backed up data, so it is reliable.


    • Official app from Apple.
    • Backups data and encrypts it totally.
    • No Wi-Fi needed.


    • No selective restore. It backs up data as a whole and restores it the same way.
    • Fully encrypted backup. So you won’t get access to the data unless you restore it on your iPhone.
    • No preview.
    • Very complicated working process.
    • Extremely slow when compared to other apps here.
    • Buggy and crash problems.
    • Chance of data loss.

    Way 3: Restore iPhone 7 without iTunes or iCloud

    If you are not satisfied with the old methods of iTunes and iCloud, and you are looking for other feasible ways to efficiently backup and restore your iPhone 7 files then you could use the third-party tool, Tenorshare iCareFone. This next generation tool is fast and efficient. It is convenient iCareFone because of its user-friendly interface for iPhone 7 restore from backup. It is a stellar tool capable of selective backup and restore options without Wi-Fi connectivity. It is also available for both Mac and Windows.

    It would be a big problem if you don’t know how to restore iPhone 7 using Tenorshare iCareFone, the procedure is described below:

    1.    Download iCareFone and run the software.

    2.    Just connect your iPhone 7/8/X/6/5 and your computer with a USB cable.

    3.    Tap on the “Backup & Restore” tab, found on the top of the window.

    backup and restore

    4.    Tap “To View or restore previous backup files” on the lower left corner.

    view backup

    5.    Now, select the backup you wish to restore, there is a possibility that it may be secured with a password. If it is then you have to provide the password to get the files.

    preview before restore backup

    6.    Now, select the files in the backup you want to be restored and then you have to choose where you want to export them, on your computer or device. Select the required option and proceed.

    restore backup

    The procedure is finished. You have safely acquired the files from the backup. As you can see, the software is very efficient and has a few advantages over other apps like iTunes or iCloud, the advantages are:

    • First of all, selective backup and selective restore is the greatest feature provided by this tool.
    • The fastest tool in this article.
    • There is no risk of data loss; your files are in great hands.
    • You can get a much-needed preview of the data before you can restore them.
    • No storage limitations.
    • No Wi-Fi needed.

    Well, now we have it! These are the best apps designed for backup and restore of your data. But are you still confused on which one to use? Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages of each app, so let’s focus on them. iTunes and iCloud app are easily accessible and you don’t have to pay for it. They are also the official apps provided by the company whereas Tenorshare iCareFone is a third-party tool. iCloud’s Wi-Fi data transfer is attractive to a few users. iTunes and Tenorshare iCareFone uses the USB connection method. iTunes is very slow and even the PC version of iCloud is slow as well. In this case, Tenorshare iCareFone is a super fast tool. iCloud and iTunes backs up the whole device, and there is no way you can backup a few selective files, but with Tenorshare iCareFone it is possible.


    Overall, restoring data from backups is the final part of an integral procedure. But if the app you are using is having trouble and you suspect that your files are at risk then you have to take preventive action to protect them. Until now, the most conventional ways of backup and restore data was to use apps like iCloud and iTunes. Unfortunately, they still use the decade-old methods for the whole process example iTunes, and this has made the users frustrated and there is also maintenance issues as well that eventually puts your data at risk. This is the main reason people why people should reach for third-party options like Tenorshare iCareFone. It is a great program with much needed upgrades. And comparing it with the other methods here, it is our winner and by a large margin. Be sure that it will also be very effective for the upcoming iOS 12 as well. Go for it!

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