Full Guide on Resetting iPhone to Factory Settings

Sudden things happend out of your control can drive one crazy. The worst kind of all is when one is in dire need of their iPhone and it suddenly stops working altogether. The result of which is a major halt in communicating to the people, send emails or any other activity you want to perform. If that is the situation you are suffering, then the first step to address this situation is via resetting iPhone to factory settings! But, if you want to know how, then we will be discussing a handful of methods on resetting iPhone to factory state with ease ! Just, read below to know how.

Reset iPhone to Factory Settings on Device Directly

Resetting iPhone to Factory setting directly from the device remains the first aid option for the ones whose devices are in a running condition. They can afford to directly perform reset iPhone to factory. Simply, make use of the following steps to pull your iPhone to factory state.

  • Firstly, get hold of your iPhone and visit 'Settings' from the main menu. Then, look for 'Settings' and select it. Then, search for 'General'. 
  • Now that you have entered 'General' from the settings, opt for 'Reset' option.  After that, tap on 'Erase all contents and settings' and then you will swiftly reset iPhone to factory settings!
reset on device settings

How to Reset iPhone to Factory Settings without Passcode and iTunes

If you want to save your time from the time-consuming ladder of iTunes/passcode then Tenorshare 4uKey is here to save you from such a situation. 4uKey's unique technology of factory resetting iPhone allows users to speedily reset, bypass passcodes, PINs, password and patterns used in your device. So be it your latest iPhone XS/XS Max or even XR, 4uKey gets along with all the models and operating systems! Moreover, if you get locked out of your iPhone, then you can easily save yourself from the blues of such a frightening situation. What's more happening about 4uKey is that it can work down both the Mac/Windows system in a flawless manner.

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Step-by-step tutorial for you:

Step 1: Launch the tool on your computer and connect your device. Hit on 'Start' from the main interface.

click start

Step 2: Download the firmware package from the following page. For this, hit on 'Download' button.

download firmware

Step 3: next, click on 'Start Unlock' and your device will begin to unlock.

begin unlocking

Step 4: Wait for a while and then you can setup your device and new. Also, you can reset passcodes if you want.

reset passcode
Free Download For Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Free Download For macOS 10.14 and below
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Reset iPhone to Factory Settings with iTunes

Do you often tune into iTunes for playing your tracks? Did you know it can way more than merely playing your favorite songs! It can be very useful in resetting iPhone to factory settings too. But the pre-requisite for doing so is that your device must be fully synced with the iTunes. And, if that is fulfilled, then follow the thread of steps below!

1. First and foremost, tune into iTunes on you PC. Now, make use of a lightening or USB cable to establish a strong connection between your iPhone with the PC respectively.

2. Now, select the device icon of iTunes visible from the top left corner of the screen and then tap on 'Summary'. After that, select the 'Restore iPhone' button to quickly finish off the procedure of resetting iPhone to factory settings. 

reset iphone with itunes

Factory Reset iPhone with iCloud

Apple's iCloud is the renowned cloud service which is essentially designed to maintain the backup of the data used up in the respective Apple devices. But, it can also handle the operation of resetting iPhone to factory settings easily. However, it must be borne to the user's mind that they must have had enabled 'Find My iPhone's' service in their respective iPhone.

Below is the step by step way to cover how to reset iPhone to factory settings in a hassle-free manner. 

1. First of all, you have to visit the local web browser and browse for iCloud's website. From there-on, login with your iCloud's ID and password of your iPhone.

2. After getting logged in, look out for 'Find My iPhone' icon present in the main screen of the program.

3. From the Find My iPhone section, look out for 'All Devices' tab from the upper section. After that, select your iPhone showing in the drop down menu.

find my iphone

Then, click on 'Erase iPhone' button followed by confirming the actions using the 'Erase' button. That's how you will reset your iPhone to factory settings using the iCloud service!

erase iphone with icloud


We hope users are well enlightened with the handful ways of performing factory reset on their respective iPhones. While, methods like resetting iPhone via iTunes, iCloud are a bit time-consuming segments, the other way like resetting iPhone to factory setting directly from iPhone may fall flat in cases like getting locked out or frozen screen. But to cut the problem and time into half, you can place your faith on Tenorshare 4uKey – an amazingly great tool, useful in factory resetting iPhone in a fraction of seconds. One can even bypass whatever codes, PINS, patterns used up in the device, in case they are locked out!

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