The Ultimate Windows Boot Doctor that Diagnoses Stuck Problems and Offers One-Click Solution

Renormalize Windows When Blue/Black Screen Appears
A blue/black screen of death is the worst type of error that your computer inevitably would experience. That is generally caused by both hardware problems and issues with low-level software running in the Windows kernelb, making your computer shut down or restart unexpectedly. To get you out of trouble, the program offers the best methods to fix Windows blue/black screen.
Stop Windows from Automatically Restarting Your Computer
Almost all of the Windows users suffered from automatic restarts on computer more or less. Microsoft allows Windows to automatically reboot each time an error occurs as the result of serious data loss. Apart from unrepairable hardware component that causes restarts, virus attack and problematic operating system can’t be ignored. Sort to the program and find out the suitable solution to resolve restarted Windows.
Resolve Windows Hangs at Loading Bar Screen
Your computer won’t start because it gets stuck at the loading bar of Windows. The bar just keeps going and going but nothing loads. At first it just happened like rarely and a reset would help but sometimes the computer doesn’t pass on the loading screen at all. Given that, Windows Boot Genius offers three single buttons to fix issue that Windows crashes before/on/after loading bar.
Troubleshoot and Fix a Random Windows Freeze
Unlike Blue Screen that will display the error information, a random Windows freeze occurs when it locks up and stops responding, which can be particularly frustrating for users and solutions provider because they seem to occur out of the blue and are often time-consuming to resolve. Not really for Windows Boot Genius, it provides users with the most comprehensive and easy-to-use solutions to fix freeze on Windows.