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iPad Pro Rumors and Release Date

iPad Pro Rumors: Possible Features and Release Date

May 27, 2014 9:27 am / Posted by Jenefey Aaron to News
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Ever since the release of iPad Air, there have been rumors of the possibility of an iPad Pro. Recently a possible picture of iPad Pro shows up on China's popular social network Weibo (similar to Twitter), allegedly shows a reference design for the super-sized slate.

ipad pro

Rumored Features of iPad Pro

Along with a larger size, the model also has an Apple logo and a rear camera cutout. At 12.9-inches, the iPad Pro would be similar in size to a 13-inch MacBook Air and quite a bit larger than the existing 9.7-inch iPad Air. It's said that the large screen iPad Pro could better meet the need of creative and business professionals.  With such a large iPad Pro is said to be a cross between a laptop and a tablet.

Rumors have suggested the iPad Pro, if released, will adopt a lot of the designs offered in the current iPad Air and Retina iPad mini, including an ultrathin chassis and narrow side bezels. It is also rumored to include an ultra high-definition display.

iPad Pro Release Date

Apple hasn't revealed the release date of the possible iPad Pro officially. However, sources from Foxconn told Chinese news site Pad News that Apple plans either a late winter/spring or October 2014 release date. Another conflicting rumor from DigiTimes and IBT says that we could expect a late-2014 release or a more likely Q1 2015 release. By then it's possible that you could also get a look at the iWatch along with iPad Pro.

In addition to iPad Pro, the most anticipated thing would be iOS 8, Apple's next software update for its iOS products. Feel free to click the link for details of iOS 8 if you're interested.

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