Top 3 Best iPad Parental Controls Apps in 2019

Every parent cares about their child's behavior on the Internet. If you are a parent, how do you help keep your child safe while using their phones and tablets? How do you prevent the privacy revealing, bad apps, hateful messages, pornography, and phishing scams from accessing your child's eyes? As a matter of fact, parental control mobile phone and tablet can help manage those concerns. Here I list the top 3 iPad parental controls apps in 2017 for you to block children from visiting unsuitable or potentially harmful contents.

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Top 1. OurPact

OurPact is a free and outstanding parental control and screen time manager. This app enables you to childproof from any shared family iPad or tablet. With this tool, it is simple for you to track kid's iPhone and Internet use. This application provides a breakthrough browser for Safari, which is easy to install.

If you would like to choose limitations for target iPad tablet, choose Settings, General and find Restrictions. You should enter a 4-digit code that you have to remember to change the settings. In the Settings option, parents are able to select which content is allowed for children to visit, for instance, TV shows, websites. Movies, games, etc. The Basic edition of this app is totally free, Premium version has a number of other more professional features.

Key Features:

  • Schedule daily allowance for healthy habits.
  • Manage screen time throughout the day or week.
  • Block insecure Internet and specific apps at a touch.
  • Discover what apps are on your kid's device.
  • Know your kid's whereabouts with Family Locator.

Top 2. Qustodio Parental Control

Qustodio Parental Control is the best app to limit screen time, filter content, and monitor or block apps kids use. Once it is installed to iPad or iPhone, it will automatically report children's online activity to you. It is good-to-use and some customers even mark it as the Internet's best free parental control app for iPad.

To get started, please install this app to your kid's iPad, after that, improper webpages will be blocked automatically by it. Then you need to install Qustodio to your own cell phone and then begin to monitor your child's activity. It will send a daily report of all your kid's activity to you. If you feel like managing your kid's web rules or screen time, just open the Family Portal.

Key Features:

  • Inappropriate websites will be blocked automatically on all browsers.
  • Schedule time limits for all your children's devices.
  • Set rules and view all activity in the Family Portal.
  • You'll receive daily activity reports in your inbox.
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Top 3. Screen Time Parental Control

Screen ime Parental Control is a parental control app that enables you to manage the time your kids spend on their iPhone or iPad. If your children spend too much time on their smart phone or tablets, especially at bedtime or study time, then this is a timer that allows you to set a daily time limitation on the amount of time.

With this app, you can get web and app reports every day and see which apps your kids downloaded and approve before installation. What's more, to protect your child from specific inappropriate apps by blocking completely is easy to do. You can even invite your partner, parents or other family members to manage your kid's screen time settings.

Key Features:

  • Block games, social media, message and all downloaded apps at bedtime and during school hours.
  • Click on a button on your device and then your child will be timed out from their tablet or smart phone.
  • If your child tidies the house, then you can reward them with bonus time conveniently from your own device.
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The Bottom Line

All of the above top 3 iPad parental controls apps are quite easy to download and install from Apple App Store and will help you secure your kids, and track their usage of the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Which one is the best parental control app in your eyes? Take note that each app has a free version and a paid edition. By the way, once you notice that your children install unsafe apps or visit unauthorized website, you can use the "Full Data Eraser" menu of iCareFone Cleaner to eliminate them thoroughly.

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