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How To Transfer Google Authenticator To New Phone

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2021-05-26 / Update for  Mobile Security

Google authenticator is a great app to ensure the security of all your Google accounts. This additional layer of protection utilizes a mobile phone which offers a randomly generated key that augments your password. When changing your mobile, you also need to transfer Google 2 step verification to new mobile to keep enjoying the enhanced security. This article will ultimately show you about google authenticator new phone.

Part 1: What Is Google Authenticator

Google authenticator is a 2-step verification app. This is an entirely reliable and beneficial app to protect your Google accounts. Every time you sign in to any of the Google accounts on a new device or browser, it ensures by 2 step verification. Instead of just a simple password, it offers an excellent layer of protection. Google authenticator generated a code on your phone, so along with the password, you also need to enter that code in your login details.

Some of the most reliable features of Google authenticator involve:

  • It is useful for all of your Google accounts.
  • It has automatic setup via QR code scan.
  • It can generate a verification code even if you don't have a data connection.

Part 2: How To Set up Google Authenticator

Setting your Google authenticator app is easy. You can download the app on your phone and can put better security for your Google accounts. To be more attentive towards your device data, you can set Google authenticator. This is the most simple and effective method to set up a Google authenticator for a new phone.

  • Navigate to your Google Account from your device and click on Security at the side navigation panel.
  • Scroll down to find the Signing in to Google section and then click on the 2-step verification.
  • Go through the “Add more second step to verify it’s you” section. Navigate to Authenticator app and click SET UP.

    set up google authenticator on new phone - authenticator app set up
  • Choose what kind of phone you have and click NEXT. Scan the QR code in the Authenticator app. Then enter the 6-digit code to Verify.

    set up google authenticator on new phone - verify code
  • Follow the steps from your screen, and you are done.

Part 3: How To Move Google Authenticator To New Phone

Mobile phones are transient in nature. To enjoy the latest and more premium features, you can switch from your old phone to any otherdevice that you love. Along with changing your whole data to your new phone, you can also migrate Google authenticator to a new phone. Although the process is a bit complex, we bring you the most instant and straightforward method to transfer Google Authenticator to your new iPhone or Android.

Before moving Google authenticator to a new phone, you need to have your old phone with Google authenticator codes.

  • Download and launch the Google Authenticator app on your new phone. Click on the Get started > Import existing accounts at the bottom of next page.

    transfer authenticator to new phone - download authenticator app
  • Come back to your old phone to create a QR code.
  • Open the authenticator app, tap on More icon > Transfer account > Export accounts.
  • Select the account you want to transfer to your new phone and click Next.
  • Now click Scan QR code from your new phone app.

    move google authenticator to new phone - authenticator app scan
  • After that, you get a confirmation of transfer Google authenticator to a new phone done.

Plus: How To Bypass Google Verification On Samsung

Now that we have known how to transfer Google Authenticator, it may reminds us of Google account verification. As we know, many Samsung users will set up a Google Lock for security. But what to do if forgetting the Google account login credentials? It could be a big problem, but not with Tenorshare 4uKey for Android. It will help bypass Google verification on your Samsung device less than within 5 minutes.

You can be your own mobile-tech expert by following a few simple steps. Install your 4uKey and get started with it.

  • Connect your Samsung device and select Remove Google Lock(FRP).

    choose remove google lock
  • Read the on-screen information and tap on the Start Remove. Then the program will send a notification to your Samsung device.

    start remove samsung google account
  • View the notification on your Samsung mobile and download related apk by following the guide.

    download apk and set up
  • On the Settings page, set up a screen unlock pattern by following the on-screen steps. Click Next to finish setting an unlock pattern and tap Done.

    set up a screen unlock pattern
  • Reboot your device and use the unlock pattern you just created to enter.

    remove successfully


Mobile phones visibly made our life easier. Google Authenticator helps you provide an extra layer of protection to your Google Accounts than just a simple password. By reading all the above simple yet effective methods now, you can transfer Google 2FA to a new phone and enjoy better security. You can also bypass Google verification on your Samsung mobile device using 4uKey for Android.

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