Is It Possible to Recover Data from iMac/MacBook pro/Mac Mini with T2 Chip

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2020-09-29 / Update for  Mac OS

If you ever lost data on a T2 chip-enabled Mac, you might want to see if is it possible to recover data from iMac/MacBook Pro/Mac mini with T2 chip. This is because this T2 chip uses a different type of security mechanism to protect your data. Recovering your data from these Macs could be different than your other Macs.

Luckily, there are several ways to recover lost data from T2-secured Macs. You can use various types, both built-in and third-party, to restore the files that were accidentally deleted from your machine. This guide explains all those recovery methods for you.

Part 1. The Best T2 Chip Data Recovery to Restore Lost data from T2-encrypted Mac

One of the easiest ways to restore encrypted data on Mac computer with the T2 chip is to use 4DDiG for Mac Data Recovery, which allows you to recover many types of files from your Macs. This tool has support for the Macs with T2 chip as well and this means you can recover the lost files on your Mac without any issues. The following shows how you can go about performing the recovery procedure.

  • Download and install the software on your Mac. Launch the software, choose your drive, and click on Scan.

    recover data from imac/macbook pro/mac mini with t2 chip
  • Preview the files that can be recovered to your Mac. Then, select the files that you want to recover and click on Recover at the lower-right corner.

    recover data from a t2 chip mac
  • Select a folder on your Mac to save your recovered files.

    data recovery solutions for imac/macbook/mac mini with t2 chip

The files recovered from your T2 chip-enabled Mac will be saved in your chosen folder.

Part 2. Other Data Recovery Solutions for iMac/MacBook/Mac Mini with T2 Chip

There are a few other methods as well to help you restore lost encrypted data on Macs with T2 chip. These methods are as follows.

1. Restore Lost Files on T2-Secured Mac Devices from Trash

If it has only been a few days since the files got deleted from your Mac, you can actually recover the files from the Trash. The Trash keeps your deleted files for a certain period of time, and you can restore your files during this period.

  • Click on the Trash icon in the Dock to open the Trash.
  • Right-click on the files you want to recover and choose Put Back.

    data recovery on t2-secured mac

The files will be restored to their original locations.

2. Recover deleted or lost data from T2-secured Mac using Time Machine backup

If you created a Time Machine backup before your files got deleted, you can restore lost files on T2-secured Mac devices by restoring your backup. This will be a full hard drive restore and everything from your backup will be restored to your Mac.

  • Connect your Time Machine disk to your Mac and launch Migration Assistant.
  • Select the option that says From a Mac, Time Machine backup, or startup disk and click on Continue.

    t2 chip data recovery on mac
  • Choose your Time Machine backup and hit Continue.

    t2 chip data recovery
  • Select the data to restore and click on Continue.

    restore lost files on t2-secured mac devices

Your lost files will soon be restored on your Mac.

3. Restore Lost Encrypted Data on Mac with t2 chip Via Local Snapshot Recovery

Time Machine actually keeps local snapshots of your files and this helps you for data recovery on T2-secured Mac. You can access and use it as follows.

  • Open the folder where your files were located.
  • Click on the Time Machine icon in your menu bar and choose Enter Time Machine.

    restore lost encrypted data on macs with t2 chip
  • Select the version of your files to be recovered and hit Restore.

    restore encrypted data on mac computer with the t2 chip

A previous version of your file will be restored.

4. Restore Encrypted Data on Mac Computer with The T2 Chip from iCloud Backup

One way for the T2 chip data recovery on Mac is to use your iCloud backup. It is likely that you have stored some of your files in your iCloud account. You can access this account on your Mac and get your files restored.

  • Head over to the iCloud website and log-in to your account.
  • Click on iCloud Drive if that is where your files are saved.

    recover lost data from t2-secured macs
  • Select your files and click on the download icon to download the files to your Mac.

That is how you do a T2 chip data recovery on a Mac.

5. Recover data from failed or damaged T2-secured Mac

If your Mac is damaged or it has some serious system issues, you may need to reach out to the Apple support team and seek help. They should be able to use something called a Thunderbolt connection to help you get your files transferred to a working drive from your faulty Mac.

Required tools:

  • A Thunderbolt (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) or Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to USB-A cable
  • Another host computer
  • An external hard drive
  • Use Apple's tool to partition the external hard drive.
  • Connect the host Mac computer and the external hard drive via the Thunderbolt cables.
  • Put the malfunction Mac into DFU mode and the data recovery process can be initiated from within Apple’s internal diagnostics tool.

    recover data from failed t2 secured mac


There are several data recovery solutions for iMac/MacBook/Mac mini with T2 chip as explained in the above guide. You can choose to go for the method that helps you recover the kind of files you want. When I faced the issue, I took the assistance of Tenorshare 4DDiG for Mac Data Recovery and it recover deleted videos on Mac as well as many other files in no time.