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The Best Way to Recover Files from SD Card on Mac

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2021-08-25 / Update for  Mac Data

"I had a few important photos on my SD card and thought to transfer them on to my computer. But when I started the transfer it was taking too long so I disconnected the SD card abruptly. When the next time I connected the SD card I was prompted to format the card. I did it and now I have lost those photos. How do I get those back? Please help!"

Well, this happens to everyone. In such situations, you are bound to lose data from your SD card. But it does not necessarily mean that you have lost the files forever, there is a very effective free SD card recovery Mac procedure available that you can use to get those photos back. And in this article, you will get to know it properly.

Is it Possible to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card?

You can actually use a software like Data Recovery to recover deleted files from SD card Mac. This recovery tool is developed by Tenorshare and as the name suggests it can recover any form of lost or deleted data with ease. 4DDiG for Mac Data Recovery is considered as one of the best SD card recovery software Mac, the software intuitive interface and high success rate to aid you in your quest to recover files. Whether it is a formatted external device or simply data corruption, virus infection, system crash, hardware issues etc, on your external device, it can take care of anything and get back your files within minutes.

  • Recovery 550+ file types including your photos, videos, documents, music and others.
  • Lightening deleted files scanning speed and high recovery rate.
  • Recover files from both internal hard drive and external storage devices no matter deleted, lost or formatted.
  • Very easy operations that everyone can easily follow.
  • Preview before data recovery to help better recovery.

So, these are main features of 4DDiG for Mac Data Recovery Tool to help you with your recovery needs. You can use any of these modes to recover photos from SD card Mac.

How to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card on Mac?

Now, that you have learned about the capabilities of UltData Data Recovery, you should also know that you can very easily recover files from SD card Mac. The procedure is not very complicated and remember not use that particular SD card after the data loss as you might lose them permanently.

So, the procedure for data recovery SD card Mac using Data Recovery for Mac is as follows:

Step 1: If you don't have the software on your computer then download it from the internet, it is free.

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Step 2: Now, install it from the set-up file and run the program on your Mac.

Step 3: Choose the location where you have lost files and click "Scan".

choose location to  scan

Step 4: The program will provide a preview of all the lost files on your SD card after scanning.

view deleted files on mac

Step 5: Select the files you want to recover and then finally click on the "Recover" button below to recover the files.

recover sd card  deleted files

4DDiG for Mac Data Recovery is the best SD card recovery Mac tool. You are getting such an excellent piece of software for free and it will best for you to use the services of this recovery tool to get back the lost data from your SD card.


Losing data has become a tradition, either it is from Mac or an SD card you are bound to have trouble recovering those lost files. But this article educates about the easiest way to recover those lost files. 4DDiG for Mac Data Recovery will be best suited for you as it will come to you free of cost and it is considered the best data recovery program to date. It is trustworthy and really effective. We highly recommend this software to you. Go for it!

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