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Mac Data Recovery
Get overall tips to recover lost, deleted, formatted or corrupted photos, videos, documents and other files from hard drive or Trash bin on Mac OS X computer.
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Mac User Tips

How to Backup your MacBook Pro/Air to iCloud
One of the best things about Apple products is that the whole ecosystem works with you to help you keep your data safe, and when you back up Mac to iCloud, you know that your essential information is secure. However, getting the most out of
Easiest Way to Remove Duplicate Photos from iPhoto
iPhoto is one of the greatest photo and media management apps that helps you store and organize your photos in a really great way. You can store your photos, search for them and easily find them
How to Move iPhoto Library to a New Location/Mac
People love taking pictures. That's one of the reasons camera phones becomes standard feature. That is also why photo management feature is crucial for any personal computer.
How to Upload Photos from iPhoto to Facebook
Social media has turned us from a very private being?where everything inside the closed door will be kept inside, to the total opposite where people share everything to everybody from where they go for the holiday to what they have for breakfast.
How to Turn Off iMessage on a Mac
iMessage is an application that comes preloaded on Apple devices and it allows you to communicate with other users who also have iMessage on their Apple devices. Your iPhone,
How to Solve Safari Not Displaying Images
It's the typical of Apple to replace everything that it thinks below the company standard with its own home-baked solution. One of the first examples of the practice is when it releases
How to Import Photos from Your SD Card to Mac
You're on vacation and you take a ton of great photos with your camera. Upon returning home, your SD card is full and you're itching to share your photos with your friends. Luckily, Apple's
How to Create a Bootable macOS Sierra Installer Easily
For the last few years, Apple is pushing its AppStore - both the iOS and macOS - to distribute all applications, including the operating system.
How to Fix AirPods Won't Connect to Mac
Wireless earphones have been there since forever. But they always have problems with pairing and sound quality. Apple tried to fix those problems
How to Downgrade macOS Sierra to El Capitan
One of the many perks of Mac users that Windows users would never imagine of getting is free OS upgrade. Every time Apple releases the latest
How to Fix iMessage for Mac Stops Syncing after Update
iMessage is actually a great way to communicate with your friends who have Apple devices as unlike other instant messaging apps, iMessage lets you
Top 2 Ways to Backup iPhoto Library
iPhoto is one of the greatest photo management apps that comes preloaded on most Macs and it allows you to store and organize your photos in a really clutter-free way
Printing Multiple Photos to One Page in Photos for Mac
Looking at photos on an iPhone or iPad screen is great, but nothing beats the art of printing photos to paper. There’s just something special about having a physical print
Top 2 Ways to Open Word 2003 Files on a Mac
The Microsoft Office suite is a really great suite that contains an app for each of your business needs. It has a word processor, a spreadsheet
Top 2 Ways to Open MS Word 2007 Files on a Mac
Both Windows and Mac have their own versions of office suite to help their users create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on their machines.
How to Set Up/Pair Your AirPods on a Mac
If you’ve recently bought a pair of Apple’s cool new tech - the AirPods, you will certainly be excited to use it with all of your Apple devices. It’s a really revolutionar
How to Set Up iMessage on Mac without iPhone
“I've been trying to set up my iMessage account so that I can receive my texts and messages to my MacBook Pro. I've set up my iCloud,
Top 3 Free Mac Screenshot/Screen Capture Software
There are times when you need to share your computer screen, and the best way to do so is to use screen capture applications. If you are on a Mac, you
How to Fix Mac Recovery Mode Not Working
“I have OSX 10.8.4. I'm trying to boot in recovery mode while pressing cmd+R and it doesn't work. If I boot while pressing Option
[Solved] FaceTime Camera Not Working on MacBook
“Why is my FaceTime camera not working on Mac? Anyone knows how to activate FaceTime camera on my Thunderbolt Display. Every time I try,
Top 5 iPhoto Alternatives 2017 for PC/Mac
Since Mac OS X 10.10.3 released, Apple Company showed Photos for OS X, but for iPhoto users, it would not be that happy. Like who get used to Aperture...
Easy Guide to Turn on AirDrop on Mac 2017 and Share Files Free
AirDrop was introduced in Mac OS x 10.7 and iOS 7 and has already been the easiest way to share files between Macs, iPhones and iPads...
2 Quick Ways to Repair Crashed iPhoto
"My iPhoto crashed when I try to open it. I tried repairing the library but it gets the same result...
Tips for Moving iMovie (iMovie 11 included) Project to another Mac/PC or External Drive
“I was working on a project on my Air when on vacation and now can't move it back to my MacPro at home. I have tried the obvious and can get it
Top 3 Mac Password Reset Software
What are you supposed to do if you’ve forgotten or lost your Mac password? Or can’t remember your Apple ID password when
How to Erase Mac Hard Drive Securely and Permanently
Erase Mac hard drive to securely remove personal data and speed up Mac.
How to Improve and Boost Finder Performance on Mac
Finder performance slows on Mac OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion? Read this article to learn a few solutions that could improve and boost Finder Performance on Mac.
Top 4 Things to Expect from OS X 10.10 Yosemite and iOS 8 Continuity
Apple has added a lot of new features to link its desktop OS closely with its mobile OS. Here are the top 4 amazing things you can expect from OS X 10.10 Yousemite and iOS 8 continuity.
What to Do if You Can't Empty Trash Bin on Mac
Trash bin won't empty on your Macbook Pro? Read this post to learn how to force trash to empty using the Terminal App. This method works for Mac OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion and lower versions.
Hands-on Reviews on Apple's Mac Pro: Small but Powerful
Apple's new Mac Pro is finally here. The Mac Pro began arriving at early buyers' doorsteps on Christmas Eve. Check this post for unique features, tech specs and price of new Mac Pro.
How to Back Up Mac with Time Machine
Backing up the data on your Mac protects you from hard drive failure and other Mac disaster. If you run OS X Leopard or later, you can use Time Machine to back up your entire Mac. This post focuses on how to back up Mac with Time Machine.
Top 6 Amazing Tips for You to Use MacBook Pro
This post includes 6 amazing and commonly used tips for using MacBook Pro, which aims to help you make the most use of your Mac. Follow these tips and you might find a few easy shortcuts or features of your MacBook Pro that you used to ignore.
Find the Best Wi-Fi Channel and Improve Wi-Fi Connection on Mac OS
Want to improve the Wi-Fi connection of your Mac? This post tells you how to find the best Wi-Fi channel with Wireless Diagnostics in Mac OS X and improve Wi-Fi connection.
Mac Bluetooth is not Available, How to Fix?
The Bluetooth on your Mac is not functioning well or not available? You can fix this by delete Bluetooth plist file or reset System Management Controller. Just use steps in this post to fix your
Mavericks Makes Finder Slow and Take High CPU, How to Fix?
Many users discovered some peculiar behavior with Finder after upgrading to Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks: Finder becomes extremely sluggish and slow when in use, even when doing just about anything. Here are solutions for you to fix Finder slowness.
How to Format Hard Drive on Mac (including External Hard Drive)
You'll need to format Mac's internal hard drive or external hard drive from time to time, which could help you erase data on your hard drive, extend your Mac's storage, etc. The procedure is detailed in this post.
How to Upgrade Mac's RAM
Want to upgrade Mac's RAM and improve your Mac's performance? This Mac RAM upgrade guide will tell you what you need to do and know in order to upgrade Mac's RAM.
How to Protect Mac from SSL Bug
Apple recently released iOS 7.0.6 with an important security update for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch users and fixed the SSL bug. However, the same issue for Mac OS X is not yet fixed. You should read this post to learn how to protect Mac from the SSL bug.
How to Send Messaged from Notification Center in Mac OS X Mavericks
This post tells you how to send messages from Notification Center on Mac. Learn this easy trick and make your easily send iMessages as well as Facebook and Twitter messages.
Top 5 Troubleshooting Tips for Mavericks
After updating to Mavericks, many users report issues with Mavericks. This post list 5 most common problems and solutions for you to fix your Mavericks.