[Solved] iTunes Cannot Backup the iPhone because the iPhone Disconnected Error

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"I have used the iOS device for a really long time and I use the iTunes app to back up my iPhone. But now every time I am trying to back up my iDevice, I am getting iTunes could not backup the iPhone because the iPhone disconnected error message. How do I fix this?"
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Surprisingly, this is a very common issue with iTunes. So, basically, you are not the only one who is facing this situation but don't worry. There are several local fixes available that will fix the issue in no time and you will be able to make backups again. Just follow the article below and you will get your answers.

iTunes could not backup the iPhone because the iPhone disconnected

Part 1: Why iTunes Could not Backup the iPhone

This is a very usual problem with the iTunes, very frequently the users face such errors when they try to back up their iOS device, via the app. There are several reasons why the error message is occurring;

  • 1. iTunes could not backup iPhone because the iPhone disconnected
  • 2. The backup is corrupted
  • 3. There is not enough space available
  • 4. An error or crash has occurred

Part 2: Solutions on How to Fix "iTunes could not backup the iPhone"

There are basically two reasons if the iTunes is unable to back up the device. Either it is because of an error or the iPhone is not connected properly.

1. Use another USB cable

Most of the times if the iTunes cannot backup the iPhone because the iPhone disconnected, it is due to the faulty USB cable you are using. So, without wasting any time, you need to start the process from the beginning with another USB cable.

2. Fix the issue by rebooting the Mac device

If iTunes could not backup iPhone because an error occurred, you can try to fix the problem just by rebooting the Mac. Obviously, you have connected the iPhone to your Mac computer for the backup procedure but the error can also occur from the Mac.

So, just restart the Mac, just press and hold the Shift Key immediately after the restart and the Apple logo will be seen on the screen. Now, as soon as you release the key, you will see the login window.

3. Reset the Network

iTunes cannot backup iPhone because an error occurred; this particular issue is known to get fixed by resetting the network. Don't worry it is an easy solution and it will not damage any of your files. Here's how to do it;

  • Step 1: Open your iPhone and go to Settings.
  • Step 2: Then, go to "General" and tap on "Reset", afterward tap on "Reset Network Settings".
reset network settings

This will probably fix the issue and you will resume backing up your iOS device.

4. Fix the issue by upgrading the iTunes

If you are unable to use iTunes app to back up your iPhone and every time you are initiating the procedure, an error is occurring you can try to upgrade the iTunes. It may fix the highlighted issues. But it is possible that due to the error iTunes may not work properly and you may not be able to update the app.

If you are in that specified situation, you can use the Tenorshare TunesCare program to fix the iTunes and upgrade the app. Here's how to do it;

Step 1 Using TunesCare is very easy. Download and install the program.

windows download btn mac download btn

Step 2 Then, launch it and select "Fix All iTunes Issues" from the main interface.

select the mode

Step 3 Now, the program will scan iTunes. If it is working properly then you can click "Repair iTunes" to boost its performance but if it is not working well then click troubleshoot to fix the issues.

not working properly needs fixing

Step 4 Now, TunesCare will automatically start fixing the app and it will download the necessary files from the internet. So, stay connected.

repairing itunes repair completed successfully

So, the TunesCare program will basically fix any issues with the iTunes app and update it to its latest version.

windows download btn mac download btn

5. Fix the Issue by Deleting the iTunes Backup

If the error message is showing iTunes could not backup iPhone because the iPhone disconnected, and you are pretty sure that the device is connected properly. Then, you can try to delete the particular backup files. It is very probable that only that specific backup file is causing the problem. Deleting it is very simple;

  • Step 1: Go to iTunes, followed by "Preferences".
  • Step 2: Then, tap on "Devices".
delete iphone backup with itunes

Now, all the iTunes backup files will be displayed on the screen. Just delete the backup that is causing the error.

6. Fix the issue with the professional recovery program

If you think the error message has occurred because of an underlined issue from the iPhone then you need to get the device fixed immediately.

If you want to do it fast and effectively, you need to use a professional program like Tenorshare ReiBoot to get the iOS issue fixed. It is an iOS repair tool that is capable of fixing almost all types of iOS stuck issues. Here's how you can use it:

Step 1 Download and install the program and launch it. Connect the iPhone to the computer and select "Repair Operating System" from the main menu.

windows download btn mac download btn launch the program and select the option

Step 2 In the next interface, click "Start Repair" to initiate the process.

initiate the process

Step 3 Now, you will be prompted to download the firmware package. Select a path for it and click "Download".

download the firmware

Step 4 After it is downloaded, you can click "Start Repair" to get started.

repair the device repair completed successfully

This is one of the best ways to fix any problems with your iOS device.

windows download btn mac download btn

7. Fix the Issue by Setting iDevice

It is recommended to activate the Airplane Mode and the Low Power Mode and turn off the Background App Refresh during the backup. Doing this, you will avoid any disconnecting problems.

8. Fix the Issue by Deleting the Lockdown Folder

The Lockdown folder is a very protected folder; it contains the temp or temporary data. So, if the folder gets corrupted, you need to remove it from the computer to be able to back up your iPhone again. You can try this to fix the problem.

Bonus Tips: Best Free Alternative to iTunes to Backup your iPhone

Backing up files is important for iOS users and iTunes is one of the most effective and official medium for storing files. Unfortunately, if the iTunes app gets disabled for some reason and it is not backing up the iPhone then you are in big trouble. You can definitely use the above solutions to fix the issue but you are better off using the alternate option.

Tenorshare iCareFone is one of the best free backup programs for iOS devices; you can use it to back up your files. First of all, you need to know that it is a free program and it is much faster and secure than the official apps. The selective backup option is also available if you don't want to back up the whole device. So, in every way, it is the better option and let's be honest, these days the reputation of iTunes is not really on the positive side.

The backup procedure implemented by iCareFone is very simple. Here's how it works;

Step 1 Download and install the program on your computer. Then connect the iPhone via USB cable and launch the program.

windows download btn mac download btn

Step 2 The iPhone will get detected by the program immediately and you need to tap "Trust This Computer" to proceed and then click "Backup& Restore" from the main interface.

connect the iphone via usb

Step 3 In the following panel you have to select the file types. So, basically you can select all or if you want to make a backup of specific files then select only that.

choose files for backup

Step 4 After your selection process is finished, click on the "backup" button below to make the backup.

backup the files

So, basically, if the iTunes app is acting up and not letting you back up the iPhone then simply download this free program from the internet and use it to back up the iPhone. You will have a better and more satisfying experience.

windows download btn mac download btn


iTunes is not what it used to be. The app was designed to help users when they are in trouble. Unfortunately, without proper maintenance and updates, iTunes has become an old and defective program that is filled with glitches. The issues like iTunes could not backup because an error occurred or iTunes could not backup iPhone disconnected are very normal even with the latest version of the app. So, instead of fixing the issues you should go for the alternate option, Tenorshare iCareFone - best free iOS backup software. It will save you some time and you will get hold of a better program to back up your iOS device.

  Updated on 2020-03-17 / Update for  iTunes Tips

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