How to Fix iTunes Error 29

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-04-19 / Update for  iTunes Tips

iTunes Error 29 is one of the most typical error that you may face while performing a restore or update on the iPhone. Several reasons are attributed towards the problem, and you need a specific solution to fix this annoying iPhone error 29.

fix itunes error 29

Causes of Error 29

If your iPhone’s operating system malfunctions, your phone will simply stop working. You will also get an iTunes 29 error. The "29" is just nerdy shorthand for "system failure". There are many reasons why your iPhone’s operating system can malfunction, such as:

  • software bugs
  • problems updating the operating system (iOS)
  • A recent replacement of the battery.
  • The antivirus is not updated.
  • Outdated iTunes installed on your computer.
  • Older versions of computer operating systems.

How to fix iTunes error 29

Below are some possible methods on how to fix iTunes error 29 and complete the restore / update process:

Solution One: Replace battery 

Just wondering have you changed the iPhone, iPad, iPod battery recently? If yes, this can be resulted in iTunes error 29. Now, you need to replace the battery with the original piece and begin the restore/update process all over again to fix this iTunes error 29 issue.

Solution Two: Update the antivirus

If the iTunes Error 29 shows up due to a software bug, then it could be for the antivirus software installed on an iPhone. If the error showing smartphone has an antivirus software, then the users should prompt the following update the antivirus first from the iTunes App Store, restart the device and check whether the error has been fixed. If it’s not, then complete removal of the antivirus program might work. This is the most popular and accurately working fix for the Error 29 trouble.

Solution Three: Upgrade iTunes  

Software update or factory reset using iTunes requires the iTunes software installed on a computer to be updated to the latest version as well. An outdated iTunes may fail to recognize the newer hardware characteristics and produce a false error 29 message. Upgrade iTunes and restart the computer before attempting to update the phone.

Solution Four: Update Computer Programs  

Older OS or other older versions of other problems could arouse a conflict between platforms and as a result, miscommunication might happen between iTunes and iPhone interface causing error 29. To avoid this trouble, keep your computer up to date. Maybe install a latest service pack, or update to the latest version of Windows or Mac OS X – whichever applies to your setup.

Solution Five: Factory reset iPhone 

If you have tried out above solutions, but still cannot get this error 29 fixed, factory resettings would work like a charm. Since factory reset get rid of all content and settings from an iPhone. After that, go to Settings > General > Reset and approve.


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