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What to Do When iPhone 6s Won't Restart after Battery Drain

Today, when I surfed in the Apple Discussion Forum, I noticed there was one message saying about his new iPhone 6s that won’t turn on after battery drain. This makes me think of the same problem my best friend used to meet with before, which was that her iPhone 6s got drained down of battery power and won't turn back on even after an hour of charging. What to do when iPhone 6s won't restart after battery drain? If you also have the problem like theirs, don’t worry, you can probably make it reboot by conducting the ways I will offer in this article.

2 Ways to Restart an iPhone that Won’t Turn on


First and foremost, you should check to make sure if your charger is working. A broken charger or charging cable may stop it from charging actually. Just try another charger and charging cable

2.Enter and Exit recovery mode to Reboot iPhone

If iPhone 6s won’t reboot after the battery drained yet, you have to take one reboot iPhone product into consideration,which will offer great help to restart an iPhone 6s that won’t turn on after battery drain. If you don’t have any idea, I highly recommend one powerful reboot tool –Tenorshare Reiboot , which will effectively solve the problem about how to restart an iPhone 6s that won’t turn on after battery drain.

If you have owned the reboot tool, just follow the easiest steps below to fix iPhone 6s that won't restart after battery drain.

Note:Charge your iPhone for at least one hour before starting the reboot operation
  • Connect the iPhone device to Mac via a USB cable and Tenorshare ReiBoot will detect your device automatically.
  • Click "Enter Recovery Mode" in the interface to force your iPhone into recovery mode. enter into recovery mode
  • Navigate to Click "Exit Recovery Mode" to start reboot operation. exit recovery mode

Your iPhone should restart successfully with the steps done.

If you still fail to fix the iPhone 6s that won’t restart after battery drain, there is nothing to do else now but back up all of the data in your iPhone 6s and go to the nearest Apple Store to have a check about whether the hardware in your iPhone device has been damaged.

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