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How to Restart iPhone XS

Nevertheless Apple is well-known for its amazing quality products, but any working gadget, no matter what brand it comes from, will face some or the other problem with time. And the recently launched iPhone XS comes under same category. Users are worried regarding some of their iPhone XS issues. And the best and the first solution for any of the problems is restarting your iPhone XS. In the below article, we will be discussing how to restart iPhone XS.

Well, along with simple restart of iPhone XS, we will be discussing how to force restart iPhone XS in the below article.

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Part 1: How to Restart iPhone XS

Restarting the iPhone XS always aids in solving almost any type of issue. The restart process of your iPhone XS will free some of the shared resources to some extent. Restart process no doubt aids to solve any issue if the reason is a software glitch. Follow below simple steps to restart your iPhone XS.

Step 1: Long press the Side button that is on the right top side along with either of the Volume Buttons. A "slide to power off" option will be displayed on the screen; release the buttons now.

Step 2: Now simply slide the Power slider to right side. The iPhone XS will now be switched off. Now again long press the Side button till the time you see Apple logo on the screen.

Part 2: Force Restart iPhone XS

If for any problem, simple restart does not work for you, try for a force restart of your iPhone XS. Let us tell you that a force restart will have a very deep impact and give same result similar to normal restart. Follow below steps to force restart your iPhone XS.

restart iphone xs

Step 1: Hold and then release the device's volume up button. Now hold and then release the volume down button.

Step 2: Long press the device's side button till the phone's screen is turned off and then again turned on. Let go the side buttons once the logo of Apple is seen on the screen.

Part 3: How to Restart iPhone XS When Screen Not Working

If you are not able to restart your iPhone XS, a simple as well as a force restart too, how are you now going to restart your device when your screen is not working at all? Worry not fellas, Tenorshare ReiBoot is here for your help. The tool's Enter Recovery Mode and Exit Recovery Mod will help you out of the problem.

Step 1: Firstly, connect your iPhone XS to your Mac or PC using the USB cable and run the Tenorshare ReiBoot software.

Step 2: The software will automatically detect your iPhone XS. Now click on option "Enter Recovery Mode" present on the main interface of the tool. Within a time of 10 secs, you will see your device has entered recovery mode with iTunes logo on its screen. You can now recover your iPhone XS.

enter recovery mode

Step 3: Now to exit recovery mode, click on option "Exit Recovery Mode". With this, your iPhone XS will boot up and after the rebooting process, your device will be out of recovery mode.

exiting recovery mode
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The above article has shown how to simple restart iPhone XS, how to force restart iPhone XS, as well as how to restart iPhone XS when screen not working. We discussed the best solution if the scree of your iPhone XS is not working. We highly recommend Tenorshare ReiBoot as your problem solver. Let us know how the article was helpful for you and also the feedback in below comments section.

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