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Forgot iPad Passcode? How to Unlock Disabled iPad

Feb. 2, 2017 03:29 pm / Posted by Jenefey Aaron to Bypass iPhone Passcode
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It happens from time to time, someone taps in the wrong passcode too many times and you get the This iPad is Disabled message. Maybe your kids were playing with it, or somebody thought they knew the right number, or maybe they thought you said 5 when you said 9. Either way, your iPad is locked, what do you do?

Normally when you get locked out of your iPad for too many wrong passcode logins, it’s a relatively easy matter to recover it. You wait for a while and you try again. But what if the person trying to get in tried again and got it wrong again. It might be you have to go back to iTunes to fix it.

 Your iPad is disabled

Method 1: Unlock Disabled iPad with iTunes

There are a few ways you might be able to get it back. The usual way is to connect to iTunes and set the device into recovery mode and restore a previous backup. But this only really works if it was the machine you originally backed the machine up on. For starters the backup wont be on any other computer, and also you authorised the device on that computer so it will allow you to get in.

The down side of that of course is that you may restore an older version of the machine than you currently have. Any new data won’t be on the backup. Also what if you are away someone and have a computer but it’s not the one you backed the machine up on? 

Method 2: Unlock Disabled iPad without iTunes

If you have never synced to your iPad with iTunes, you can consider to reset disabled iPad with Tenorshare ReiBoot, a professional iOS fix tool. It can easily restore your disabled iPad without iTunes. To get started, free download Tenorshare ReiBoot on your computer.

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And hey, once you get it back, you can set a new passcode to unlock your iPad using your Apple ID. Write it down on a piece of paper this time, eh? 

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