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Top 4 Ways to Reset A Locked iPhone

Are you too done recalling your iPhone's passcode but ended up being locked out from your iPhone? Or are you slayed with the latest iPhone XS/XS MAX and want to switch to it by discarding your existing model? Whichever situation it is, it demands for resetting your iPhone. Even when you are locked out of your device or fail to recall the password, resort your phone to factory reset. So, if you want to know how you can reset iPhone without password, then this article will guide you with 4 ways! Keep on reading and opt for the method that suits you best.

Way 1. The Most Efficient Solution to Reset A Locked iPhone without Password

If you are too done getting locked out from your iPhone, then Tenorshare 4uKey can assist you in resetting your disable iPhone without the need of password. 4uKey's powerful in-built features smoothly work with both the Mac/Windows systems. One can easily carry out the operation in the latest versions of iOS devices and restore iPhone easily. So, to unveil your locked iPhone, you can perform the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: In order to reset a locked iPhone, download 4uKey on your PC and allow the software to conveniently download over your system. On the other hand, you must connect your PC with iPhone via lightning cable.

connect device

Step 2: Once Tenorshare 4uKey gets downloaded, you need to grant the following necessary permissions. This way, the program will perform auto detection for your iPhone and display it. Just, click on the start button.

Step 3: The screen will now be prompted to a page depicting the download link of the firmware package apt for your iPhone. You would just have to save path and tap on 'Download'.

download new firmware  iphone xs

Step 4: Load the firmware and brush away all the passcodes, settings by simply tapping on the 'Unlock Now' button. This way, you will be able to reset your locked iPhone back to factory mode by using the power of 4uKey software.

factory reset iphone

Way 2. Reset Locked iPhone from iTunes

iTunes can also be used for resetting your locked iPhone and help you restore your device to factory settings. However, you must ensure that your device is synced with iTunes before to carry out the process smoothly. We've jotted down the steps to execute the process.

Step 1: First of all, load iTunes to the latest version on a pre-trusted computer. Link your iPhone to computer via USB cable.

Step 2: From the upper left top corner, choose device icon of iTunes interface followed by 'Summary'. Tap on 'Restore [your device]' button to complete the process of resetting your locked/disabled iPhone.

reset iphone with itunes

Way 3. Factory Reset Locked iPhone with iCloud

iPhone users are familiar with iCloud for maintaining the backup. But, it can also be considered as one of the ways for performing the factory reset on your locked iPhone. Before jumping to executing the steps, ensure that you have enabled Find My iPhone and then understand the process from the guide below.

Step 1: From the web browser, visit iCloud's official website> sign in with your iCloud credentials of your locked iPhone. Hit the 'Find My iPhone' icon > locate the icon of locked iPhone.

hard reset iphone with icloud

Step 2: From the upper section, tap on 'All Devices' tab. Now, you need to select your locked iPhone visible from the drop down menu.

Step 3: Lastly, click on 'Erase iPhone' button > confirm the actions by tapping 'Erase' button. This way, you will be able to factory reset your locked iPhone.

factory resetting with icloud

Way 4. How to Reset A Disabled iPhone in Recovery Mode

Are you trying hard to figure out what your passcode is? But end up disabling your iPhone with failed attempts? No problem, you too can pass this moment by resetting your iPhone in a recovery mode. For that, you would have to put your iPhone into the recovery mode and restore in iTunes.

Step 1: First of all, take a USB cable to connect your iPhone to computer and make sure most up-to-date version of iTunes is running on your PC. Then, follow the steps listed below until you see 'Connect to iTunes' screen. We've listed down the steps according to your device.

iPhone 6 and below versions - Hold down the 'Home' key and release once you see the screen of 'Connect to iTunes'.

iPhone 7 series – Long hold the 'Volume Down' key and lose your hold of the button, once the 'Connect to iTunes' appears.

iPhone 8, 8Plus and X models - Hit and release the 'Volume up' button. Repeat the same with the 'Volume Down' button. Long press the 'Power' button now and wait for 'Connect to iTunes' screen.

iphone recovery mode

Step 2: Now, iTunes will automatically detect your iOS device. Simply, click on 'OK' followed by 'Restore' from the pop up.

restore in recovery mode


By now, the users must have understood the methodology of 4 different ways that can be used in resetting a locked iPhone. Thus, one can restore their iPhone without fretting much. Although, all the steps are useful but requires password for executing the process. But not in the case of Tenoshare 4uKey software which allows users to bypass any password, Face ID or touch ID used on your iPhone. Moreover, you can restore your iPhone even if it gets disabled or locked. Let us know which method you much approving useful.

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