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How to Put iPhone In Restore Mode

You may have been very surprised by the name "Restore Mode" and probably thinking "Is this a new mode?" but it is not. Simply, the "Restore Mode" identifies the "Recovery Mode", they are the same. Now, you must have known about the Recovery Mode, it is a failsafe mode designed to troubleshoot your iPhone. Commonly it is used when you are fixing a damaged iOS or when you are updating the iOS through iTunes. As mentioned earlier you can also enter Recovery Mode if you need to troubleshoot or jailbreak the iPhone. So, it is possible that you have used the Recovery Mode when you updated the iOS last time, without even realizing that you have entered the Recovery or Restore Mode. But here's the thing, most users don't know how to put iPhone in Restore Mode, manually. You will need to know a few key things about the procedure, but it varies depending on the model of iPhone you are using, so, choose the procedure from below accordingly.

When to Use Restore Mode?

There are a few situations when you will realize that, only if you put iPhone in Restore Mode, you can fix the device. Some, instances of such situation are discussed below;

Suppose you install the latest iOS update and the iPhone got stuck in a "Continuous Restart Loop". It happens sometimes, usually when you are updating the device on a low battery.

Sometimes when you are updating the OS or trying to restore the device from backup, but the process fails and when you try it again, iTunes fails to detect the device.

If you also happen to be updating the iOS to a new beta version but it has a bug, then you need to enter Restore Mode to fix the device.

And finally, if the Apple Logo or the Connect to iTunes icon is visible on the screen for some time, you need to enter Restore Mode.

These are the few moments, when you need to enter the Restore Mode to troubleshoot the device.

How to Put iPhone in Restore Mode without Buttons for Free

Usually, if you are trying to put your iPhone into Restore Mode then you must remember a specific button combination to reach there. Unfortunately, for many users that combination is far too complicated, you either fail to remember it or you just get confused during the initiation process.

So, it will be better if you use a software called, Tenorshare ReiBoot to put your iPhone into Restore Mode. ReiBoot uses a very simple method to put any iOS device into Restore Mode and the best thing is, the procedure is same for any models of iPhones. It is just a 1-click procedure.

Step 1: Download and install ReiBoot software on your computer and then launch it to proceed.

Step 2: Next, connect the iPhone and computer via USB cable and if iPhone prompts any message, simply tap on "Trust".

Step 3: Now, ReiBoot will detect your iPhone automatically and then simply click on "Enter Recovery Mode" from the main interface of the software.

enter recovery mode

As you can see, a very simple 3 step procedure implemented by ReiBoot to put the iOS devices into Restore Mode.

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How to Put iPhone XS/X/8 in Restore Mode

The newest models of iPhones do not have a physical Home button, so, the procedure will be a bit different from the older models of iPhones.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone XS/X/8 to the computer with a USB cable and then launch iTunes app.

Step 2: iTunes will detect the device and then use the following button combinations to enter Restore Mode.

Step 3: Tap the Volume Up button and then tap the Volume Down button in a quick succession and then press and hold the Side button, until "Connect to iTunes" screen is visible.

iphone xs recovery mode

How to Put iPhone 7/7 Plus in Restore Mode

iPhone 7 also does not come with a physical Home button, but it has a capacitive Force Touch Home Button.

Step 1: Turn off the device, if it is not already.

Step 2: Then, press and hold the Volume Down button and connect the iPhone 7 to the computer when iTunes is running.

Step 3: Release the button when "Connect to iTunes" is visible.

iphone 7 recovery mode

How to Put iPhone 6s/6 in Restore Mode

Here's how to put iPhone 6 in Restore Mode. Also, this procedure is applicable for iPhone 6S, iPhone 5 and all the other older models of the device.

Step 1: Similarly, turn off the device.

Step 2: Then, press and hold the Home button and connect the iPhone 6 to the computer and make sure that iTunes is running.

Step 3: Release the button when you see "Connect to iTunes" screen.

iphone 6 recovery mode

Extra Tip: How to Get iPhone out of Restore Mode

Previously, we discussed how ReiBoot can be very useful if you are looking to put the iPhone into Restore Mode but now, you are going to learn how to get iPhone out of Restore Mode with the same software.

It may be very rare, but sometimes users get stuck in the Restore Mode; and usually, when an iPhone stuck in Restore Mode, not many people sees a way out. So, ReiBoot being a very efficient software makes our job easier and get you out of the Restore Mode, as easily as you entered the Restore Mode. You will be able to do it, via the following steps;

Step 1: Similarly, you need to get the software on your computer and launch to get started.

Step 2: Next, connect the devices together and ReiBoot will detect the iPhone immediately.

Step 3: After that, just go to the main interface of ReiBoot and select "Exit Recovery Mode".

exiting recovery mode

A similar procedure, you just need to select the other option from the main interface of the software. It basically, proves that ReiBoot is a very capable software, able to get users in and out of Restore Mode very easily.


Learning how to enter the Restore Mode is very important for any iOS user. It is designed to troubleshoot various problems with the iOS. As discussed in the article, the methods vary from model to model but if you are having trouble to enter Restore Mode then you can just simply use Tenorshare ReiBoot to enter and exit the Restore Mode, quickly and efficiently.

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