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How to Disable iPhone and Unlock A Disabled iPhone

iPhone is packed with numerous security features, one of which is iPhone gets disabled after multiple wrong passcode attempts. But it sometimes put you in a troublesome situation when your kids or any loved ones punch in multiple wrong passcodes. Even when your iPhone is in your pocket, it sometimes automatically senses touches, eventually, entering multiple wrong attempts. If this is what has happened with you too? Come onboard with us as we're going to explore every aspect of disabling iPhone, be it how to disable iPhone or unlock a disabled iPhone.

Note: In general condition, we don't suggest you to disabled iPhone. Because it will lock your device and may cause data loss if try to unlock it. If you don't want to lose data, i really remind you to back up iOS data regularly. If your was disabled or locked, you can go to the last part of this article to know how to unlock it.

Way 1: Type incorrect Passcode for Times to Disable iPhone

Do you know how to disable iPhone using wrong passwords for multiple times? Here we are going to show you exactly that.

1. Set a passcode and enable it first for your iPhone by browsing 'Settings' > 'Touch ID & Passcode' > 'Turn Passcode On' > key in the passcode for 2 times.

turn on passcode iphone

2. Now, turn down the 'Erase Data' feature as it can wipe out your iPhone if 10 times you enter wrong passcode. Go to 'Settings' > 'Touch ID & Passcode' > 'Erase Data' > turn it down after keying in the passcode.

disable erase data touch id

3. Now, lock your iPhone by tapping the 'Lock' button and then hit the 'Home' button with a finger that hasn't been scanned to work as your Touch ID.

4. Repeatedly enter different set of wrong digits to unlock the iPhone, 7 entries will disable the iPhone for a minute.

5. Now, more than 7 wrong entries will lock it for 5 minutes and after that a wrong entry locks it for 15 minutes. Post 15 minutes, it gets locked for an hour. If you still enter a wrong code, you need to restore your iPhone with iTunes.

iphone disabled

Way 2: Using Screen Time to Disable iPhone

iOS 12 has Screen Time feature that can restrict your iPhone's apps for a certain time. It is basically for restricting app uses for children.

Let's learn how to disable iPhone using screen time:/p>

1. Browse iPhone 'Settings' > 'Screen Time' > 'Downtime' and wait it to turn green and enabled.

2. Now, hit 'Start' > set the starting of 'Downtime' by picking the hour and minute. Now, hit the 'End' button to specify when the apps are enabled back on iPhone.

3. Press 'Block at Downtime' to make a passcode mandate to access them

disable iphone screentime downtime

4. Go to 'Screen Time' > 'Always Allowed' > select apps that you want to allow.  For restricting apps, tap red circle against each app > 'Remove'.

disable iphone screentime always allowed

5. Now tap 'Screen Time' > 'Use Screen Time Passcode' > set a four digit passcode and re-enter.

6. When 'Start' time is initiated through 'Downtime' your iPhone XS is disabled without a passcode.

Way 3: Disable iPhone Using Find My iPhone

You can also use 'Find My iPhone' feature for how to disable iPhone. This feature is imperative, when you want to disable the Touch ID and lock the iPhone in case the iPhone gets misplaced. The iPhone must have 'Find My iPhone' feature enabled in it.

1. Browse https://www.icloud.com/ using your computer > enter iCloud credentials > 'Find iPhone'.

2. Now, tap 'All Devices' > pick your iPhone name > 'Lost Mode' > 'Next'.

find my iphone all devices

3. Tap 'Done' to lock your iPhone as well as disable the Touch ID.

find my iphone lost mode

How to Unlock A Disabled iPhone without iTunes or iCloud?

After you have learnt how to disable iPhone, let's learn the solution for unlocking it. Whether your iPhone has become unresponsive or screen is broken and not recognizing any passcode, be it Touch/Face ID or numeric passcode. Using Tenorshare 4uKey can mend all the difficulties within no time. This device can unlock all kinds of passcodes on your iPhone and reset it to factory settings without iTunes. You can even use it for restoring your iPhone without using iTunes or iCloud . It is compatible with the latest iOS and iPhone models as well.

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Tenorshare 4uKey guide to unlock your disabled or locked iPhone:

Step 1: First you need to install Tenorshare 4uKey on your computer. Run the software and then connect your iPhone to the system with a USB cable. Allow the tool to detect your iPhone and tap on the 'Start' button.

launch tenorshare 4ukey

Step 2: Click 'Download' to update the iOS firmware on your iPhone as the next step.

start download firmware

Step 3: Now hit 'Start Unlock' button and the lock gets removed from your iPhone in a jiffy. Within sometime the process will be completed.

start unlock iphone

Step 4: You can now reset the passcode, Touch ID and Face ID for your iPhone. You can even restore your iPhone through iCloud or iTunes backup.

reset device
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From the above article, we found out that no matter what kind of lock has been set on your iPhone. If ever you have a disabled iPhone or locked and password forgotten one, Tenorshare 4uKey can fix that for you without any hassle.

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