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How to Use Google Lens iPhone & iPad 2022

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2022-05-20 / Update for  iPhone Tips

Google has provided us Google Lens to search for what we see in a picture, which has made our lives easier. You can get the information, texts and much more from it. As some iPhone users may not know about this picture recognition tool, we are here to introduce how to use Google Lens on iPhone and iPad.

google lens on iphone

Part 1: Can You Use Google Lens on iPhone

Google Lens is available on Google Play Store, but there is no separate app that you could install on your iOS devices. So can you use Google Lens for iPhone and how? Well, you have two options: Google App or Google Photos App, which have the Google Lens feature on any picture captured.

Part 2: What Can Google Lens for iPhone Do

Briefly speaking, Google Lens iPhone can scan any photos and show you all the information. You do not need to typing or searching, it will tell you what you want in the pictures. And specifically, using Google Lens, you can:

  • Scan and show similar products, places, foods and others without describing what you are looking for.
  • Extract and copy texts or numbers from the pictures for translating, calling a phone number, look up words and etc.
  • Identify plants, animals, paints, historical landmarks and give a detailed introduction.
  • Scan a ticket, schedule and add them to your calender.

Part 3: How to Use Google Lens on iPhone

Using Google Lens on iPhone is not a difficult task. As what we have mentioned above, you have to use Google Photos or Google app on iPhone or iPad to let Google Lens work. Both of them are described below.

1. Use Google Lens on Google App

If you want to search something in a picture but do not know how to describe it, then Google App can search with images using Google Lens on iPhone now. What's more, it supports searching with your camera, so feel free to take photos and get answers right away. Start using it by following the directions given below:

  • Open Google app on your iPhone or iPad. If you do not have the app, download it from App Store first.
  • In the search box or the Google widget, tap on the Lens icon. Do allow permission for Google Lens to access Camera.
  • It will show different options on the button menu, like Translate, Text, Search, Homework, and Shopping.
  • Now tap on the search button to capture the object. Google Lens will search for it on the internet and display the results.

    google lens on iphone google app
  • Or you can tap on the photo icon on the left, and select the picture fron your Photos app and search for it

2. Using Google Photos for Lens

Google has its own gallery app that goes by the name of Google Photos. On iPhone, Google Photos also has the option of Google Lens.

  • Install Google Photos App from App Store and open it.
  • Give Google Photos permission to access all your photos, then your iPhone’s gallery will appear.
  • Open the image you want. Then tap on the Google Lens icon located in the bar below.
  • Google Lens will scan and provide you with the best results regarding the picture.

    google lens on iphone google photos app

Part 4: Google Lens vs Live Text

So far, you've learned what Google Lens is and how to use it. As an iPhone user, you've probably noticed the similarities between Google Lens and Live Text too. True, Live Text is also the image recognition tool by Apple, and provides all the functions delivered by Google Lens. But there are differences.

FEATURES Google Lens Apple Live Text
Devices Android, iPhone, iPad iPhone, iPad, Mac
System Both Android and iOS iOS/iPadOS 15, macOS 12
Apps Android app. Used on Google, Google Photos app on iOS No app. Used on Photos app
Translation Support like 100 languages Only support about 10 languages
Search Directly scan and search Use Visual Lookup
Usability Well integrated into the Camera app Need to open only 2 supported apps for Google Lens on iPhone

Extra Tip: Google Lens Not Working on iPhone? Try ReiBoot

Sometimes Google Lens is not working on iPhone. And after you check basic settings, like image quality, camera permission, network, app update, etc. But if it is still not working no matter how many techniques you have employed, you need to try Tenorshare ReiBoot. It is a program to fix bugs and problems on iOS system.

  • Get started by downloading and running the program on your Mac or Windows computer. Connect your iPhone to the computer, and click on Start.

    download reiboot to fix google lens not working issue
  • The next step is to read the on-screen tips and choose Standard Repair.

     click standard repair
  • Then download the latest firmware file, and it will finish in a few minutes.

    download firmware
  • After that, click on Start Standard Repair to start to repair the system.

    start standard repair
  • When the process completes, your iOS device will restart automatically and Google Lens issue will be resolved. No data loss.

    repair successfully


Google Lens is a picture recognition tool. Available on Android as well as iOS, Google Lens iPhone works perfectly and give us information. You can easily know how to use it. And an additional tip in this article is a professional iOS system repair tool - Tenorshare ReiBoot.

  Updated on 2022-05-20 / Update for  iPhone Tips

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