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The Top 10 Best Ad block Apps For iPhone Users

The iOS users can get sick and tired with numerous ads and pop-ups that are infiltrating user's online experience. Apple has good news for such users and has launched ad blocking technology in iOS 9. The developers have developed the number of ad blockers that are Mac-based, which block ads on iPhone. The iOS 11 amplifies the ad blocking experience even one more step ahead, providing the facility to block trackers that keep a watch on the users and targets ads at them based on that information. Ad blockers are not enabled by default. You will need to download them from your App Store. There is a wide range of Ad block apps varying in features for iPad and iPhone. Here, we have listed down the top 10 best iOS ad blocker for you. So, let's go through the best ad block apps for iPhone list.

1. AdGuard

AdGuard is one of the favorite free and best ad blocker apps for iOS not only due to its clarity but also due to its customized option. There are almost 50 filters built in the app, allowing the user to see exactly what he wants and not the rest. If there is not a pre-made filter available the user can create it in the app with a few clicks. Trackers that are built for targeting personalized ads to the users are also blocked while using AdGuard. There is also a choice to block social media widgets accessed from any other site on Safari. There is also a £1.99 Pro variant available which used to be a popular ad blocker but as it went against Apple's Terms & Conditions so the feature was removed. This app is available for free.

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2. AdBlock

AdBlock is an original iOS ad blocker app and since 2012 it has been accessed many iPad and iPhone users. AdBlock is very easy to use. After installing the app the user has to swipe up from the bottom of app's display to activate the service. It will refresh its databases with the fresh information and assures not to send the traffic via the remote server as some ad blockers do. As other several ad blockers, AdBlock also blocks the trackers from seeing user's online activity. There is a whitelist option with help of that you are able to add and edit, and there is also a handy Today Widget feature that allows the user to enable the service on and off. This app is available for $1.99.

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3. Crystal

Crystal app has won the hearts of its users as it is constantly updated to improve the ad blocking capabilities. It also improves the user experience. When it comes to ad blockers, Crystal app is a stable performer. While the performance of other ad blockers might vary as the databases are updated, Crystal app is always on point to block both trackers and ads. It is a simple task to add websites to its whitelist in Safari via the Share Sheet. Crystal's UI is simple and clean too. Crystal claims to load up pages 4 times quicker and can save up to 50% of data. This app is available for $0.99.

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4. 1Blocker

Considering the granular control over user's ad blocking experience, 1Blocker is said to be the dependable app for iPad and iPhone. This app permits the user to fully customize the ad blocking experience, which also allows the user to block unwanted elements that might be annoying. This can be anything from precise ad types to Twitter and Facebook widgets that is online. The user can also hide annoying data within Safari without exiting the app. The user has to simply activate the 1Blocker app in the Share Sheet and click on the data which is supposed to be hidden. It also blocks over 5000 known trackers from observing users online activity. This app is available for free.

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5. Purify

Purify app is a simple and effective ad blocker app for iOS users that offers something different to the other apps. As well as it also offers tracking-blocking and standard ad-features. Purify permits the users to block other features that drain the device's battery or eat the data. These include scripts, images, and custom fonts that are available on various websites; each of these will eat user's data and drain the battery life. It loads pages quickly and so is ideal if you are having a slow Wi-Fi or mobile connection. However, Purify app also allows users with a whitelist option. This app is available for $1.99.

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6. Brave Browser

Brave Browser develops the privacy and ad-blocking features into its mobile and desktop versions to secure users privacy. It is one of the top ad blocker apps for iPhone. Brave has anti-tracking and ad-blocking settings. It features HTTPS everywhere and has a choice for white-listing and selective blocking. However, Brave has an option of "Brave Payments"—it is a user supported micro-payments system that is then distributed to the partner publishers who then ads the app blocks. Then it allows the user to surf ad-free.

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brave browser

7. Onion Browser

The users who are looking forward to accessing the Tor anonymizing network on devices, such as mobile, has a good option to think over. On Android devices, the mixture of OrFox and OrBot is a preferred choice. OrBot offers a proxy connector app to Tor network, whereas, OrFox is a privacy-improved version of Firefox. OrFox adds quality features to OrWeb, most particularly tabbed browsing. On iOS, users can rely on the Onion Browser as a dependable Tor browsing option. This app is available for $0.99.

onion browser

8. Adblock Plus

Only on the Chrome browser Adblock Plus has over 10 Million downloads. It is the most well-liked ad blocking software. Adblock Plus is the major source code for other free ad blockers. By default, Adblock Plus does not block all the ads; it only works for those who have deemed potentially intrusive malware. It means you will still be able to see some ads unless you change the settings. If you need to block all ads, for that go to options and uncheck the option "allow some non-intrusive advertising" at the bottom.

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9. Better by Ind.ie

Better is not an ad blocker app but it focuses on battling behavioral advertising by blocking those trackers, web malware, and clickbait. Contrasting another ad blockers 'Better' does not make anything special with the advertising business but it supports and acknowledges others who are attempting to do the right thing. Better is available for iPad and iPhone. It is kind of expensive. Better also accepts contributions through their website. This app is available for $4.99.

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better by ind ie

10. Focus by Firefox

The developing team who has built Firefox has also developed a new content blocking app for iOS users named as "Focus." The app is very easy to use. It is less an ad blocker and more a tracking blocker. It helps to block the analytics trackers, ad trackers, social trackers, web fonts and other content trackers. Focus improves the performance and privacy of Apple devices. It also helps to lower down the mobile data usage. This app is available for free.

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focus by firefox

In the above article, we saw the best adblock apps for ios. Hope we helped you find the best ones for your iPhone and other iOS devices. If you have any other good ones on your mind, do let us know in below comments. We will be happy to update our list for you.

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