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How to Restart iPhone without Home and Power Button

iPhone is a good example of "Simple is best." It's so simple that it has only 2 buttons. Actually 5 buttons, but the Home and Power are the important ones with a whole bunch of uses, and of course could tend to be easily get broken. What if you need to reboot or restart iPhone so as to fix certain iOS issues? How to restart iPhone without Home and Power button?

3 Options to Restart iPhone When Home or Power Button is Broken or Unresponsive

Actually, you have 3 options to reboot iPhone when your iPhone's Home or Power button doesn't work. Option 1 and Option 2 will work most of the time, or you can employ the free iPhone reboot tool in Option 3.

Option 1:Restart iPhone by Setting iPhone to Bold Text

  • 1). Open the Settings app and head to "General".
  • 2). Go to "Accessibility" and locate "Bold Text", flip that to the ON position. restart iphone with bold text settings
  • 3). An alert will show up saying "Applying this setting with restart your iPhone" – so tap on "Continue" to immediately soft reboot the iOS device.
Tips: Since the coming of iOS 8, iOS users are now able to type quicker with iOS 8 keyboard. Click on to get more info. if you are into this new typing experience.

Option 2:Reboot iPhone by "Reset Network Settings"

Take it easy if the first solution works not for your iOS. Before you start, you should be aware that this option will erase all your wireless settings like Wi-Fi password and VPN after your iPhone restarts.

  • 1) In the Settings app tap on General Settings.
  • 2) Then, navigate to Reset and select Reset Network Settings.
  • 3) Tap to confirm and reboot the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Option 3: Restart iPhone Using a Free iPhone Reboot Tool

You might notice that both option 1 and option 2 will work under the condition that your iPhone is functioning well. If your iPhone gets stuck in the Apple logo screen or the touch screen is not responsive at all, what should you do? Let's see how you can use Tenorshare ReiBoot for Mac (iPhone reboot tool, Mac version) to restart iPhone.

  • 1) Get Tenorshare ReiBoot installed to your computer, also connect iPhone to the PC and then launch the iPhone reboot tool.
  • 2) Then you will find the 2 buttons on the main interface: "Enter Recovery Mode" and "Exit Recovery Mode" will be one grayed out and one in light green. Click on the one in light green and. The 2 buttons will exchange color with this done, click on the other button. restart iphone with no home or power button
  • 3) Your iPhone will then restart.

Hopefully, these tips could help you restart iPhone and get iPhone back to normal. If you do need to fix your iPhone Home button.

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