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How to Hard Reboot iPhone

Even though Apple makes a lot of excellent feature-rich phones, a few problems are unavoidable. This is the case with every electronic device, not just Apple iPhones. Several technical glitches on your phone can be solved by hard reboot iPhone. The hard reboot method for different models of iPhone is different. But, all the methods are very simple and can be performed quickly in a matter of seconds and all your problems can get easily solved. Your phone will become much faster and will respond more efficiently. This pictorial guide gives clear information about hard rebooting iPhone.

What is the Difference Between Hard Reboot/Reset and Soft Reset

Soft reset simply refers to restarting your phone in the usual way. It doesn't cause any loss of data, files, applications, cache, settings and other things stored on your iPhone. This should be the first solution you turn to when your phone starts lagging or if it is getting stuck midway while performing any function.

Hard reboot refers to the process of force restarting the device manually or using other methods. It is usually done when your iPhone is not functioning well or the software crashes.  You will not lose any data during the process.

Hard reset means you will completely reset your phone's data and settings to the original factory settings. It wipes off all the data from your phone and makes it as new as it was when you first bought it. The only issue with this method is that though it solves many functional issues of iPhone, if you have not stored a backup of all your data, you might end up losing it permanently.

When to Use Hard Reboot on iPhne

Many a times, your iPhone will not be functioning the way you want it to. That is when hard reboot comes to rescue. Several problems can be solved by hard reboot/restart of iPhone. These problems include when your iPhone's battery is draining out faster, when it won't shut down, when it won't start, internet connectivity issue, and many such technical and functional problems.

How to Hard Reboot iPhone

Hard reboot method is different for different models of iPhone. The steps with pictures are given for each of the model types. To know how to hard reboot iPhone, follow the steps below.

Hard reboot iPhone 6/6S and earlier:

For hard reboot iPhone 6, tap and press the Home key and Wake button together till the Apple logo is visible.

iphone 6 hard reboot

Hard reboot iPhone 7/7 Plus:

For hard reboot iPhone 7, tap and hold the Volume key and Wake button together till the Apple logo is visible.

iphone 7 hard reboot

Hard reboot iPhone 8/8 Plus/X/XS/XR:

If you are wondering how to hard reboot latest iPhone models, follow this below method.

Press the Volume Up key and the Volume Down key, one by one quickly and release it. After this, tap and hold the Wake button till you see the Apple logo screen.

iphone xr xs x hard reboot

What to do if Hard Reboot Won't Solve Your Problems

If in case the above method does not prove effective in solving your iPhone's functional problems, then the best way to resolve and repair the issues is by using iOS System Recovery tool ReiBoot. This is a highly recommended software specially designed to solve all the technical issues related to iPhone. Follow the step below to know how to use ReiBoot for fixing the technical issues in your iPhone.

Step 1: Download, install and launch Tenorshare Reiboot on your PC/Mac.

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Step 2: Connect your iPhone which has the issues to your PC/Mac with the help of USB lightning cable.

main interface

Step 3: ReiBoot will now detect your iPhone which has the technical issues.

Step 4: Tap "Repair Operating System" option and then move on to the next step by tapping "Start Repair".

fix ios problem

Step 5: Now, confirm to download the latest firmware and start repairing process after firmware package is ready.

ios system repair

You are done! It is completely free to download and use. Don't miss this amazing software!


This article shows how to hard reboot an iPhone. Hard reboot is a simple and effective method to quickly solve the basic technical issues which make your iPhone malfunction. When this method does not solve the issue, try using the highly recommended software Tenorshare ReiBoot which is very effective in repairing almost every kind of technical glitches in your iPhone.

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