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How to Fix iPad Stuck in Recovery Mode

May 06, 2018 03:41 pm / Posted by Jenefey Aaron to iPhone Problems and Fixes
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Apple users normally do not face any issues with their devices. But once they encounter any issue, they probably search out the whole web in order to find a solution. One such issue that the users are facing and looking for a solution is: iPad stuck in recovery mode and won't restore. Many users are going nuts since this issue makes their device unresponsive.

ipad recovery mode

This issue may occur while updating iOS to a new version. At such times, users enter in the DFU mode for an update and get stuck there. In the end, they end up getting stuck in the Recovery Mode. Today, we will learn some possible solutions on how to fix iPad stuck in recovery mode. Let us have a tour.

Method 1: Manually Exit iPad Recovery Mode

When you get stuck in Recovery Mode, do not panic. It does not mean that your device is dead or you have lost it forever. It simply means that your device is in a state of coma and can come out. The only difference is: you are capable of taking your device out of this state. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can manually remove your iPad stuck on iTunes logo.

Step 1: Launch iTunes on your PC. Now, plug in your iPad to the PC with the help of an USB cable. Wait for the software to detect your device.

Step 2: Now, press the Power/ Sleep button and the Home button simultaneously for 10 seconds. Let go off the Power/ Sleep button and the Home button together.

Step 3: Click on the Power button instantly and wait till your iPad restarts. After that, your device will get out of the Recovery mode and be in normal state.

exit ipad recovery mode

Method 2: One Click Solution to Fix iPad Air Stuck in Recovery Mode

If you feel that the above process is too much confusing and time consuming, you can always depend on Tenorshare ReiBoot. This tool can enter and exit your device from recovery mode in just one click. Apart from this, ReiBoot is used to solve all stuck issues that come with iPhone and iPad without losing a single beta. Here is a step-by-step guide to use this tool to exit recovery mode.

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Step 1: Download and run the Tenorshare ReiBoot software on your PC. Once you have downloaded the software, connect your iPad to the PC.

main interface

Step 2: The software will detect your iOS device automatically. Just click on "Exit Recovery Mode" option. This will go along with a complete reboot of the device.

exit recovery mode

Wait for the process to end and you will have your device free of the issue and out of recovery mode.

Method 3: Restore your iPad using iTunes

One more solution that can come handy if you are facing "iPad stuck in recovery mode" issue is restoring the device. But, there are always two sides of the coin. Even though this solution might offer you a fix, chances are high that your data might be lost. For those users who are ready to take this risk, here is a step-by-step guide on how to restore your device.

Step 1: Make certain you have the newest version of iTunes running on your PC. Now, connect your device to your PC.

Step 2: As soon as you connect the iPad to the PC, open iTunes and select your device.

Step 3: Choose "Restore iPad" option. This will restore your device and erase all the data in it. After your device is restarted, it will be free from any issue with no data.

restore ipad using itunes

Tips and Tricks about iPad Recovery Mode


Long story short, you just had a glance at the possible solutions that can solve iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4/3/2, iPad Air 2, iPad 2 /3/4/5 stuck in recovery mode issue. Do let us know of any other solution if you have any. Also let us know your feedback by commenting below.

Free Download For Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Free Download For macOS 10.13 and below
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