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iPhone Speakers Not Working for Music: How to Recover Lost Music if Music Lost During the Fix

My iPhone 5 won't output sound from the speaker for most apps like the Music apps, Pandora, YouTube to name a few. I've fixed this with factory settings, however, all my iPhone music are lost. Is there a way to recover lost iPhone music?

This will wipe your phone and install a fresh new copy of the system. When the problem is resolved, you can then restore your apps, files and settings from your backup and you should be good to go.

How to Recover iPhone Music after Fixing Not Working iPhone Music Speaker

Solution 1: Transfer Music from iPod, iPad to Computer and Then to iPhone

It would be great if you have an iPod or iPad which also has the music in your iPhone, as you can use iAny Transfer to transfer music from iPad or iPod to your computer and then import music from computer to your iPhone via iTunes syncing.

  • 1. Download and install iAny Transfer on your Windows PC. Then connect your iPad or iPod which has the music you lost and launch this software.
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  • 2. On the software interface, go to Media > Music. And then select the files you'd like to export to computer. Click "Computer" on the right panel and select a path to save these music files. iphone music recovery
  • 3. Now all the music files are on your computer. You need to add the music file to your iTunes Library. In iTunes, go to File >> Add to Library, and select the file. iTunes will incorporate it into your library.
  • 4. Connect iPhone with your PC and open iTunes. At this point, an "iPhone" button will pop up on the left side or top-right corner (depending on what version of iTunes you have) for you to access your phone's settings. Click on this button.
  • 5. On the top navigation sub-menu, select "Music." Make sure "Sync Music" is checked and click "Apply" to confirm. iphone music recovery

Solution 2: Redownload from App Store (For Purchased Music Only)

iPhone music recovery can be different if the music you are to recover is purchased ones. You can redownload them from App Store on iTunes.

  • 1. Tap Settings > Music and make sure Show All Music is on.
  • 2. Tap the Music app. Find the item that you want to download. recover lost iphone music
  • 3. Tap the Download icon.

The music files on your iPhone might take up a large space, if you need to get rid of some and clean up iTunes library, check how to clean up iTunes library.

Free Download For Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

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