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How Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup

Data is the essential thing that has the most value in today's life. Hence, you need to keep your data safe. Sometimes, this data can be lost. And hence it is necessary to preserve it and make a backup. There might be number of reasons that can cause data loss. These include stolen device, broken device, external damages, and so on. And since most of the users employ iPhone, backing up data on the handset is a piece of cake. And so is the process to restore iPhone from iTunes backup. Today we will have a look on how to restore iPhone data from iTunes backup.

Part 1: How to Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup in iTunes

Restoring of iPhone can be done in many ways. But restoring from iTunes is the simplest of all. All you need to do is follow the given below steps.

Step 1: Open iTunes and connect your device to the computer. If it asks for the passcode, provide one.

Step 2: Select your device when it appears in iTunes.

Step 3: Under the Backups section, select "Restore Backup" option.

Step 4: Choose the data base that has the recent date.

Step 5: Select Restore and wait for the process to end. In this way you can restore from iTunes backup.

restore itunes backup

Part 2: Selectively Restore iTunes Backup to iPhone with UltData

If you can't restore new iPhone from iTunes backup, then there is another simple method for this. You can use Tenorshare UltData. If you use this software, you will be saved from the trouble of restoring procedure. This software will restore all your data easily. It will assist you recover the deleted data selectively and quickly. This means, the hectic of restoring redundant data is removed if you use this tool. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

Step 1: Connect your iPad with your PC and run the software. Select the "Recover from iTunes Backup File" option at the beginning. This option is present at the top of the interface.

select itunes backup

Step 2: Now select "Start Scan" to scan whole data present on your iTunes. Once the process is done, you will be capable of previewing the data and find the deleted data that you wish to recover.

preview photos in itunes

Step 3: After you have selected the data that you wish to recover, click on "Recover." This will help you to know how to recover deleted data on iPhone.

In short, you are now aware that restoring with Tenorshare UltData is way too easy in comparison to normal restoring. The table below shows the exact difference and will clear your doubts.

Tenorshare UltData iTunes
Directly recover data from device without backup You need a backup to recover data
No need to back up iPhone regularly You will need to backup your data from time to time
Selectively restore the data Restore the whole bunch of data
Preview the data before recovery Cannot preview the data before restore
Restore device from iTunes Backup Restore device from iTunes Backup
Extract and restore device from iCloud backup Cannot extract OR restore device from iCloud backup
Ease of Use A little troublesome
Needs only a few minutes to restore the data Need more time
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