5 Practical Methods to Fix iPad Stuck on Apple Logo iPadOS 16

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2022-09-29 / Update for  iPadOS

Is your iPad frozen on apple logo? No matter what you do or what button combination you press, your iPad just won’t turn back on. In this article, we’ll give you top 5 methods that you can follow (step by step) to solve the “iPad stuck on apple logo loop” error.

Why Does iPad Show The Apple Logo But Wont Turn On

When you turn on your iPad, it usually goes through a simple set of tasks to complete the reboot process. Most of the iPad users who have updated their device to iPadOS 16 are facing the “iPad frozen on apple logo” error because of a software issue or some kind of error in the operating system. A third party application could also be the cause of this problem.

Fix iPad Stuck on Apple Logo iPadOS 16 by Methods Below

If you haven’t been jailbreaking your iPad then just by following the below 5 methods, you can easily resolve the “my iPad is stuck on the apple logo” error and start using it like before. We bring a step by step guide so our users can get rid of the “iPad only shows apple logo then turns off” problem without losing their data and all the important personal information.

Method 1: Force Restart Your iPad to Solve iPad Frozen on Apple logo

If your iPad has home button:

  • Press and hold the home button and power buttons at the same time.
  • Hold it till the screen goes black and the Apple logo pops up.

If your iPad doesn’t have a home button:

  • Press both the volume up and down button (one at a time) and release it.
  • After step 1, hold the power button till you see the Apple logo on the screen.

    force restart ipad

Method 2: Use Recovery Mode to Fix iPad Stuck on Apple Logo Loop

To go in the recovery mode and fix the “iPad stuck on apple logo” issue. Follow the below steps:

  • Connect your iPad to PC via a USB cable and open iTunes.
  • Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons together for 8 seconds.
  • 8 seconds later, release the Sleep/Wake button but keep holding the Home button until you get the notice from iTunes.

    enter dfu mode
  • Now release the Home button. You’ve successfully put the device in DFU mode if the screen is completely black.
  • Click “OK” in the pop-up window and continue to use iTunes to restore the device.

After the DFU mode restore, your device shall work normally as usual.

Method 3: Update iPad Using iTunes

Sometimes updating your iPad using the latest gen iTunes can solve the “iPad frozen on apple logo” problem.

  • Connect your iPad with your PC or Mac.
  • Open your iTunes and click on the Device button.
  • Click Summary and check for updates.
  • If an update is available, click Update and let it sit there for a few minutes.

    unpdate ipad using itunes

Method 4: Restore Your iPad from iTunes

If nothing above works then you’ve to completely restore your iPad to fix the “iPad only shows apple logo then turns off” issue.

  • Connect you iPad to iTunes via a USB cable.
  • Go to Summary.
  • Click on “Restore iPad” button and wait till the whole procedure ends.

    restore ipad itunes

Method 5: ReiBoot Helps You Completely Fix iPad Stuck on Apple Logo iPad OS 116

There are many cons of using the above methods, such as; data loss, software problem, setting removed, and much more. The best and quickest way to fix the “my iPad is stuck on the apple logo” issue is to use Tenorshare ReiBoot as its one of the top Apple recovery software on the internet. Follow the below steps and use this tool to fix iPad frozen on apple logo on iOS 16.

  • Download the software and attach your iPad with your PC or Mac.

    launch reiboot
  • Click “Start” and click “Standard Repair” to start the process.

    fix now
  • Follow the instruction in the software to complete the repairing process, and the “iPad stuck on apple logo loop” issue will be resolved.

    ipad stuck on apple logo app loop resolved successfully


Instead of using the above 4 methods and sacrificing your data and applications, we highly recommend using Tenorshare ReiBoot as it can recover all kinds of Apple devices within a few clicks. Just by clicking on the recovery mode, Tenorshare ReiBoot will start looking for the causes which your iPad only shows apple logo then turns off. It can fix all kinds of software related issues and repair your iPad within a few minutes.