How to Fix iPad Keeps Rebooting

If you own an iPad and all of sudden you have been facing iPad keeps rebooting then it can drive you crazy. Many people have asked questions like," Why does my iPad keep restarting or rebooting?". This can happen even you are in middle of call, playing games, watching movie, listening music or any random time. There are several culprits which include third party apps, memory leakage, firmware glitch and faulty update. Fortunately these problems can be troubleshooted and rebooting problem can be solved easily. Follow this guide if you want to fix iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini or iPad 4/3/2 keeps rebooting.

Part 1: Why my iPad Keeps Rebooting

There is a bit of explanation on this problem and if you want to know answer to question, "why does my iPad keep rebooting?" then this explanation might tell you the exact reason. The reason behind this problem is quite simple, there is a built in mechanism built in all Apple devices which triggers the restart. This can be triggered due to faulty flash memory. This can also happen if your iOS is trying to fetch something from faulty memory of your iPad which triggers the reboot safety mechanism. This helps iOS device rebooting instead of crashing all of sudden. However this problem can be dealt with and there are number of other minor factors too which can cause this issue. We have discussed solutions for iPad reboots itself below.

Part 2: How to Fix iPad keeps Rebooting

These are some of the solutions you might need to try if you have been facing iPad reboot itself randomly:

Solution 1: Force Restart iPad

The very first thing you can do to fix iPad keeps turning off itself is simply force resetting your iPad which is also known as hard reset.Press and hold Sleep/Wake and Home button for few seconds until Apple Logo appears on screen and then leave them. It will force restart your iPad.

force restart ipad

Solution 2: Update Software

Many problems can occur if your software is out of date, glitch in firmware and compatibility issues can cause rebooting problem too. It is always a best practice to keep your device updated as soon new update rolls in, follow these steps to update your iPad:

  • Step 1: Open Settings on your iPad
  • Step 2: Now go to "General> Software Update"
  • Step 3: Available update will be shown, simply select "download and install"

Solution 3: Update or delete apps

If your iPad started shutting down after installation of any specific app then you should probably try deleting that app. And you can also try updating all of your apps just to make sure there are no bugs and memory leakage problems. If your iPad keeps restarting while charging then you must check ports, cable and your charger too. Make sure its working and not being unplugged itself.

Solution 4: Reset All Settings (Data Wipe)

Sometimes wrongly configured system settings can also cause this problem, fortunately you can set them to default without loosing your data on any iOS device including iPad. This is how you can Reset All Settings on iPad:

Step 1: Open Settings app and go to "General>Reset> Reset All Settings"

erase all contents

Step 2: Now you'll be asked to enter your passcode if any set., enter that and you are done

Solution 5: Fix iPad Rebooting Without Data Loss

Tenorshare ReiBoot is an excellent tool which can be used to fix all sorts of iOS issues like iPad boot loop, iPad black screen , iPad stuck in Apple logo , etc. You can use it on your iPad too, it is very easy to use and provides one click solution to all of your problems. Follow the below instructions carefully:

Step 1 - You can free download and install ReiBoot for Win/Mac from Tenorshare official website on another Windows or Mac based computer.

Step 2 - When you launch ReiBoot on your Mac/PC, it will ask you to plug in your Apple device. Do as it prompt and connect your iPad to computer. Click on "Repair Operating System (Fix All iOS Stuck)" to move on.

main interface

Step 3 – Choose "Fix Now" and download the newest iOS firmware online.

download firmware

Step 4 - You will get a closing page saying that the "Repairing operating system is done" and in less than one minute, your iPad will reboot again and be back in action!

Free Download For Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Free Download For macOS 10.14 and below
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Solution 6: Restore iPad from iTunes (Data Wipe)

If you have made an iTunes backup earlier then you can use it to restore your iPad and solve this issue, this is how you can do it:

Step 1: Open iTunes and connect your iPad with your PC

Step 2: If a message shows up on your iPad asking to trust this computer then just do it by following onscreen instructions

Step 3: Once you do that, your iPad will be shown in iTunes, click it and go to summary tab

Step 4: Now click Restore Backup in iTunes and select your backup and click Restore, let the process completed and keep your iPad connected

update ipad

These were some of the methods you can use to fix iPad keeps rebooting itself problems, we have discussed some of the most effective solutions in step by step manner and we have also recommended our personal favorite tool which you can use to fix all sorts of iOS problems in a single click.

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