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Easy Ways to Transfer Files from iPhone to Mac

There are many ways one can transfer files from iPhone to Mac very easily. There was a time when the only way to transfer files from device to device was to use iCloud and iTunes. But those times are gone now; several Apple affiliated companies are developing various apps for this particular purpose like AirDrop, Photos app, Image Capture etc. Even third-party apps are getting a lot of success these days. So, if you want to transfer data to another iOS device, if you have run out of space or updating the OS or simply for backup, you are just at the right place. Let ’s begin.

Part 1: Transfer Files from iPhone to Mac without iTunes

If you want to transfer files from iPhone to Mac without iTunes, you can use the two specified methods mentioned below. Although there are other ways to transfer files such as music, videos, contacts, photos, messages from iPhone to a Mac like iCloud, Image Capture etc., they won’t give you the satisfaction to transfer the files with this much ease and effectiveness. This is the reason AirDrop is so efficient and popular. There is also a third-party app that you can use to transfer files, but it is not wireless. Still, the app is very simple, effective and the best here to transfer the files with just 1-click.

Way 1: Airdrop Files from iPhone to Mac

If you want to copy files from iPhone to Mac, AirDrop is an excellent choice. AirDrop is one of the most useful apps, which has the ability to transfer files wirelessly. Not only just photos but you can share almost anything with AirDrop. Here are the steps to files from iPhone to Mac wirelessly.

1.    Go to Finder and select AirDrop.

2.    Turn on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi of your computer.

3.    Now, run AirDrop on Mac.

4.    Activate the option “ Allow to be discovered by ”; you can select Contacts Only or Everyone.

airdrop mac

5.    Now, take out your iPhone and go to the Control Center.

6.    Tap on AirDrop and turn it on.

airdrop iphone

7.    Now, select the file you want to send.

8.    After you have selected it, tap on the Share icon.

9.    Now, a list of options will be available to you, choose the AirDrop option on the top.

select files airdrop

10.  Now, select Mac, where you want to send the files and tap send.

11.  The files will be received, as long as you accept it through your Mac.

It is practically very easy to send files through AirDrop but you have to keep the devices within a certain range to keep the connection strong. Although, being able to AirDrop file from one device to another is very efficient but AirDrop is not suitable to send or receive a large number of files.

Way 2: Transfer Files from iPhone to Mac with iCareFone

If you want to know the best way on how to transfer files from iPhone to Mac, then it is highly recommended that you go for Tenorshare iCareFone. It is a third-party tool known to be extremely efficient when it comes to transferring files from one device to another. It is available for both Mac and Windows and being an all-in-one tool, it can manage all your iPhone data with ease. Here are the tips to transfer files from iPhone to a Mac device with Tenorshare iCareFone:

1.    To begin with, you have to download and install the Tenorshare iCareFone on your Mac.

2.    Now, you need to connect the iPhone and the Mac with a USB cable. You should use the USB cable provided by Apple for better performance.

3.    Run the app on Mac and navigate to “ Manage ”.

file manager icarefone

4.    Tenorshare iCareFone will detect all the data on your iPhone and divide them by categories.

files types icarefone

5.    Now, you need to choose the files you want to transfer and click on the “ Export ” button.

export data to mac

6.    The file transfer will start immediately and after the process is completed, you will find the exported files on your Mac, inside a folder.

This is one of the best and the easiest ways to transfer files to your Mac if you want to do it without using iTunes. The app is very efficient and there is no risk of data loss and it takes considerably less time to transfer files too. Another thing is that, unlike a lot of other apps you can also send files from Mac to iPhone. This dual service is provided by only a few apps on the market.

Part 2: Transfer Data from iPhone to Mac with iCloud

iCloud is one of the oldest and the most reliable apps for Apple users. For years this app has been providing support to the users with its several functions like iCloud Photo Library and Media Library to synchronize music, photos, and videos with other iOS devices. iCloud provides support if you want to transfer your files from iPhone to Mac, you can do it easily over Wi-Fi. So, to begin with, you have to update your iOS on your iPhone, you need to make sure that you are using the latest version of the OS and also upgrade your MacOS.

1.    Sign in with your Apple ID to your iCloud account. You have to do it from both of your devices with the same ID.

2.    Now, get your iPhone X/8/7/7Plus/6/6S/5/5S/SE and navigate to Settings, tap on your name and go to iCloud.

3.    Activate the iCloud Drive.

icloud drive on iphone

4.    Get hold of your Mac and find the Apple Menu and then find System Preferences.

5.    Enter iCloud and check the box beside iCloud Drive to activate it.

icloud drive mac

6.    Now, you will gain access to all the iPhone files from your Mac through

You can easily copy the files you need and keep them on your Mac. Overall, this is a very easy process, so, most people prefer to use iCloud over any other apps available on the market. But it comes with severe space limitations.

Part 3: Move Files from iPhone to Mac with iTunes

“ How to transfer data from iPhone to MacBook? ” This is a very big question that has been suffering many iOS users. iTunes is a validated option for transferring files from one device to another. You can transfer anything form audiobooks, mp3, videos and even books through iTunes. So, here is how you can sync data with iTunes.

1.    First, make sure that you are using the latest version of iTunes.

2.    Get an Apple certified USB cable for better performance and connect your iPhone and Mac.

3.    Now, run iTunes and click on the phone icon on the panel.

4.    On the “ Summary ” page, click on “ Back Up Now " tab.

itunes sync iphone

As you can see transferring data with iTunes is a viable option, but a very few are using it as the transferred files are not readable unless you have iTunes backup extractor software. So a lot of better options like iCareFone are available on the market now.


Therefore, all of these methods are effective if you want to access iPhone files on Mac. If you are looking for wireless options then you have AirDrop, it will transfer data with good speed and you just have to leave the devices in a close proximity. If you are looking for more conventional options, then you have the oldest iOS apps like iTunes and iCloud. Both of them are efficient and reliable but come with limitations. Finally, you have Tenorshare iCareFone, the best third-party app for the job which can transfer your data at lightning speed and without relying on iTunes. Highly recommended!!

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