4 Easy Ways to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Android

I am a user switched from an iPhone 6s to an Android phone. I would like to continue with my WhatsApp old chats on the Android phone. So my question is there a way to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to my Android phone? Has anyone else dealt with this problem??

Have the same problem as this buddy? Old conversions don't automatically come with you. Luckily, we'll try to a way about how to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android phone. Hope to make your switch a pleasant experience. Following guide is applied to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/6/6s/5 to all Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Moto, LG phone and tablets.

Way 1: One-click to Transfer WhatsApp Messages From iPhone to Android Without Backup

Have you tried googling about how to transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android cause the old method doesn't work as the iOS version of WhatsApp doesn't connect to google drive anymore. Would you ideally like the keep the chat history so don't want to email it to myself or backup first then to restore and more. There seem to be quite a few complicated operation about the transfer. Is there a simple way of how to move WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android without any backup? Here iCareFone - iOS WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore is highly recommended. Let's have a look about how it works.

Step 1: Download and install iCareFone on your PC/Mac and connect the source iPhone and target Android to the computer.

Step 2: Then click "Transfer" on the lower right corner to launch the transfer process.

Step 3: After a while, your WhatsApp transfer is successfully. And the time takes depends on the data size!

If you don't want to backup or are sick of the complicated transfer solutions provided online, then iCareFone - iOS WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore is a good chioice! And it can not only just transfer chats but other WhatsApp data.

Way 2: Transfer WhatsApp Chat History from iPhone to Android Phone Using Email Chat

Step 1: First of all, please go to "Settings" at WhatsApp from your iPhone, tap on"Chat Settings", then hit"Email chat" from the list.

Step 2: Select the WhatsApp history that you would like to migrate. A window will pop out saying "Attaching Media will generate a larger email message". You just need to click " Without Media" or " Attach Media" based on your needs.

Step 3: You can type in the email addess and press "Send".

Step 4: Log in your email account on your Android phone, you can view your old WhatsApp messages at email from your new device. But you can't sync WhatsApp messages with your WhatsApp application on Android device.

Way 3: Transfer WhatsApp Chat History from iPhone to Android Phone Via Local Backup

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is back up your WhatsApp messages on your old device. Since the most commonly occurring issue of WhatsApp is data loss.

Note: If you lost some important WhatsApp data and without backing up beforehand, we highly recommend you to give WhatsApp Recovery a free try, which can help you get all your lost files back in a couple of second.

Go to "Settings" at WhatsApp from your old device and then hit "Chats Backup" from the list, You can view the latest backup or manually backup the WhatsApp messages by clicking "BACK UP Now".

Step 2: Uninstall WhatsApp on iPhone.

Step 3: Install WhatsApp on Android and register your original phone number at new device.

A window will pop out informing that "message backup found" Click "Restore", and WhatsApp messages on iPhone will be transferred to Android device.

Way 4: Transfer WhatsApp Chat History from iPhone to Android Phone through Restoring a Backup

Step 1: Backup WhatsApp messages on iPhone to Windows PC:

  • Connect your iPhone(iOS 12/11/10) to the system (PC)
  • Note: Don't start iTunes. If starts automatically then close it.
  • Open command prompt (RUN : cmd) or terminal. Then search for a folder named "whatsapp". You have to use command line:"dir" to see visible contents of the current folder, "dir\a" to see all contents (including the hidden and system) of the current folder or "cd [folder]" to change directory (change folder to).
  • Copy the folder "whatsapp" to your system by using copy [source] [destination].

Step 2: Transfer WhatsApp backup to Android phone.

  • Connect your Android device via USB to the PC. Copy your WhatsApp conversation backup file into this folder.

Step 3: Restore WhatsApp data from backup

Now start WhatsApp on your Android phone and verify your phone number. You should now get a notification that a message backup was found. Just tap "Restore", and you're done. After a few seconds, all of your messages should have safely returned.


With the ways show up above, we can see that these 4 ways can help you to reach out transferring WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android but the lower three ways are more or less have to backup first then to transfer. Therefore, iCareFone - iOS WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore is the best choice for you. Come and get it!

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