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Self-Help: How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone 14/13/12 via Bluetooth

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-04-18 / Update for  iOS File Transfer

Whenever you plan to buy a new iPhone 14/13/12 or replace your old iPhone 11/X/8/7, you always wonder how should you transfer contacts from your old device to the new iPhone 14. Mobile is your companion and all of your data is present in your device. So, if you have to change your iPhone and don’t know how to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another via Bluetooth? Then you shouldn’t have to worry.

It is a question that many iPhone users ask us and this article will discuss in detail all relevant queries of transferring contacts from one iPhone to another using Bluetooth. Just continue reading this article and all your questions will be answered in detail.

Part 1: Can I Transfer Contacts via Bluetooth iPhone?

Bluetooth is used as a wireless communication tool to transfer data between two electronic devices. However, Bluetooth doesn’t connect two iPhones. So, you cannot bluetooth contacts iPhone. Apple provides other technologies like iCloud and iTunes to make such transfers.

Many other developers provide third-party software to transfer contacts from iPhone to other but the most efficient and widely used software is Tenorshare iCareFone. It will be discussed in detail in the following paragraphs.

Part 2: Star Tool to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone 14/13/12 without Bluetooth - Tenorshare iCareFone

Tenorshare iCareFone is a remarkable tool that provides many more features than iTunes. It is specifically designed to fulfill all the requirements of iPhone users. If you are wondering about how to transfer contacts from iPhone X/8/7 to iPhone 14/13/12, Tenorshare iCareFone is the way forward.

‘Manage’ is one of the unique features of Tenorshare iCareFone that you can use to transfer files from or to your Apple device to a computer in just a few clicks. Similarly, you can delete unnecessary files from your device to make your iPhone work efficiently. Also, you can add ‘Contacts’ either individually or in a batch to your computer for transferring to another Apple device. While adding, it automatically removes the duplicate contacts and merge the same contacts to your Apple device.

iCareFone - No Need to Transfer Contacts via Bluetooth iPhone

  • Firstly, install Tenorshare iCareFone on your computer and launch it. Then connect your iPhone to the PC. Once your device is connected to the software, click on the ‘Manage’ option on the interface.

    move contacts via icarefone
    Step 1: Start to transfer contacts - iCareFone Manage
  • Now, click on the contacts and select all the contacts you want to export from your device to the computer. Simply press the ‘export’ option and they will be saved in your PC.

    sync contacts from iphone to icarefone
    Step 2: Export contacts from iPhone - iCareFone Export Feature
  • Finally, disconnect the previous device and connect the new device to which you want to transfer saved contacts and simply. Follow the same procedure and then click on the ‘import’ option and all the contacts will be transferred to your new iPhone.

So, the whole process just took a few minutes. That is why Tenorshare iCareFone is the most reliable software available online.

Part 3: Daily Backup your Data with Free Tool – Won’t Lose Anymore

Backup Your Data Daily

A system crash or a hard drive failure might result in loss of your important files. So, I recommend you back up your important files daily to avoid any mishappenings.

Yes, you are right thinking that it might be a cumbersome process if you are using iTunes or iCloud to do so but by using iCareFone, you can back up all the data in just a few clicks. It is extremely user-friendly and developed to save time and protect important files of iPhone users.

Why iCareFone is Better than iTunes

Apple provides tools like iTunes to back up your data but iCareFone offers you much more than iTunes. Following points highlight why you should install iCareFone right away;

  • iTunes backup all your data indiscriminately to a set location while iCareFone offers you a choice to your backup data selectively and you can also manually select a location for backup.
  • iTunes restores all your data while iCareFone gives you a choice to restore selective files.
  • iCareFone also provides an effective and direct option to import files to your iPhone. On the contrary, you have to first import files into the iTunes library and then from the library to the iPhone. It is a cumbersome and time taking process.

So, iCareFone is, indubitably, far more intuitive and effective than iTunes.

How to Backup your data using iCareFone

This guideline will explain how you can back up your data in just a minute using iCareFone.

  • Now, tap on the ‘Restore and Backup’ option on the home screen to start the process.

    daily backup without itunes or icloud
    Choose daily backup free tab - Backup & Restore
  • Now, select all the files that you want to back up on your computer. By default, all files will be selected. You can change the backup location of your data by clicking on ‘Edit’ and then entering the desired location. You can uncheck any file that you don’t deem necessary and then click on ‘Backup’ at the right bottom of the screen.

    daily backup now
    Start daily backup - free iCareFone
  • Software will begin the process and it will be completed in a couple of minutes. Once it is finished, you can also view the backup data for your satisfaction.

    daily backup completed
    Daily backup finish - iCareFone helps you

You are rightly wondering that it cannot get any simpler than this. Take out a minute or two and backup all your necessary files daily.


This article has answered all the queries related to how to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another via Bluetooth. As Bluetooth doesn’t transfer files between Apple devices but Tenorshare iCareFone comes to your rescue and provides the simplest procedure to carry out tasks like transferring files between iPhones and backing up your data in a user-friendly way. This application is specifically developed to add features that iTunes don’t provide to iPhone users.

Well, the next step is to download iCareFone on your PC and explore the latest features of this software and also develop a habit of backing up your data daily.