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6 Ways to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Laptop Windows/Mac

As iPhone users, it is inevitable that you will want your photos to be transferred to your personal computer. This can not only clear up that much-needed storage space on your iPhone but also gives you the option of backing up your precious photos on your own laptop or computer. In case you are wondering, how to get photos from iPhone to Laptop, if you are a Mac or Windows user, we have got you covered. Here are some effective ways to transfer photos from iPhone to Laptop.

Part 1: Common Ways to Get Photos from iPhone to Laptop

There are many avenues with the help of which you can transfer photos from iPhone to your Laptop. But when it comes to the most effective and the most common ways, just follow the list below.

Way 1: Transfer iPhone Photos with iOS Data Transfer Tool

If you are wondering “how can I transfer photos from iphone to laptop?”, we highly recommend that you go for Tenorshare iCareFone. It is a powerful data transfer tool that is specifically developed to transfer any type of files from your iPhone to Laptop including photos. It supports both Mac and Windows as well. So, it can basically work on any laptop irrespective of the OS versions. It can export your photos in no time, and most importantly, you can transfer one or more photos selectively at one time. Now let’s check how to use it to transfer photos.

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  • First, download the Mac/Windows version and launch the software on your laptop.
  • Now, connect your iPhone via the USB cable to your laptop.
  • From the main interface, select “File Manager”.
  • icarefone interface
  • Navigate to “Photos” and tap on it. This will display all your photos on your device.
  • icarefone interface
  • Now, select the photos you want to transfer and just tap on “Export”.
  • export photos to laptop

This will transfer the photos to your computer in minutes.

Way 2: Download Photos from iPhone to Laptop using iCloud

Alternatively, you can also use iCloud to sync or transfer pictures from iPhone to your laptop. This method uses the sync feature of iCloud to save photos in seconds on your laptop. Here’s how to get pictures from iPhone to laptop using iCloud:

  • First, open “Settings” on iPhone.
  • Now, inside Settings, navigate to “iCloud” and select “My Photo Stream” or “iCloud Photo Library”
  • Just enable “My Photo Stream” or “iCloud Photo Library” with the help of the toggle switch.
  • enable icloud photo library
  • Now, on your laptop, download and launch the iCloud for Windows from the iCloud Control Panel Apple support.
  • Carefully enter the Apple ID and password in respective fields when prompted.
  • Now, select “My Photo Stream” checkbox or “iCloud Photo Library” checkbox in “Options” and just tap on “Apply”.
  • icloud for mac
  • Now, open File Explorer and just tap on “iCloud Photos” from the list so that you can find the download iCloud photos on Windows laptop. If you are using MacBook, go to Photos > Albums > My Photos stream.
  • icloud photos download

This will automatically sync all your photos on your iPhone to your laptop. When you choose “iCloud Photo Library” option, “My Photo Stream” will automatically be turned off and vice-versa.

Way 3: Send Photos from iPhone to Laptop with Email

You can use Email to send some photos to your email address and in turn, can download to your desired laptop. Emailing is a very common way to send data easily. But when it comes to photos, there are certain limitations such as, you can only send a few photos from your iPhone at one go. So, it is a good choice if you have just a few photos to transfer. Here’s how you can use it:

  • First, go to Camera Roll on your iPhone X/8/7/7Plus/6/6Plus/SE/5 etc.
  • Now, select the pictures you want to transfer.
  • Now, carefully select the share icon located on the lower side.
  • There are many options there. But here you should choose “Mail”.
  • email photos iphone
  • This action will navigate you to a new screen with a new Email creation window.
  • Enter the email address where you want to send the pictures.

Now, open the email and download the photos on your respective laptop freely.

Part 2:How to Get Pictures from iPhone to Windows 10/8/7 Laptop

Whether you are using a Windows 10/8 laptop or a Windows 7 laptop, exporting photos from your iPhone to a laptop is a necessity, as it can act as a backup. In case you use a Windows 10/8 laptop, here’s what you should do to have your pictures available on your laptop right away: 

Use Photos App:

  • First and foremost, make sure you have iTunes installed on your Windows 10/8 laptop and it is recently updated. Though you won't need iTunes here, it is an added advantage as per Apple.
  • Now, simply connect your iPhone to the Laptop with the original USB cable or lightning cable.
  • Launch the Photos App from the Start Menu if the app doesn’t launch automatically after connecting your device.
  • photos app windows
  • Now, find and tap on “Import”. You will find a list of available devices. Choose your iPhone from the list.
  • Select the photos you want to transfer and tap on “Import”

And you are done! 

In case you use a Windows 7 laptop, follow the steps below:

Use AutoPlay or Windows Explorer:

  • Install iTunes on Windows 7 laptop if not installed.
  • Connect your iPhone to your laptop now using the original USB cable provided.
  • Simply open the camera on your iPhone
  • autoplay import photos windows
  • This will open an AutoPlay prompt on your laptop screen. You can either tap on “Import pictures and videos” or tap on “ Open device to view files”. The former will import the pictures to your specified path right away and the latter will open another explorer page from where you can copy and paste the required photos to your desired folder.

So, now you can view, manage and how to get photos off iPhone to laptop Windows 10/8/7.

Part 3: How to Get Photos off iPhone and into Mac Laptop

If you are using a Mac laptop, there are mainly two ways by which you can get photos off from your iPhone. Here’s how:

Way 1: Use Photos App

Apple developed the Photos App as a direct replacement of iPhoto. This is available for Mac OS 10.10.3 and above as well. Much like iPhoto, it can seamlessly manage images between iOS devices which includes iPhone, Mac, and iPad.

Photos app is designed to copy pictures from your iPhone to your Mac automatically by default only when they are connected via USB. In case it doesn’t, follow the steps below:

  • First, plug in your iPhone to the Mac laptop via USB. Wait for Photos app to open up, if it doesn’t automatically open, simply tap on the Photos icon.
  • photos app mac import
  • Simply tap on “Import” to start the process.

Way 2: Use Image Capture

Another alternative to the Photos app is Image Capture. It is a handy app that acts much like the Photos App and is basically a dedicated transfer program. So, how do you get photos from iPhone to laptop? Here’s answer:

First, connect both devices that is your iPhone and Mac laptop via USB

  • Now, run the Image Capture app.
  • Now, from the listed devices, choose your iPhone carefully.
  • You will have to provide the path for the output images
  • image capture mac
  • Now, simply tap on “Import” or “Import All” to start the transferring.

So, these are some ways by which you can download photos from iPhone to Laptop Windows/Mac. Almost all of them have their own limitations but works effectively. But, in case, you want a smooth and hassle-free experience while transferring your photos without any limitations, just close your eyes and go for Tenorshare iCareFone. It won’t disappoint you!

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Free Download For Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Free Download For macOS 10.14 and below
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