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Everything About Depth Effect iOS 16

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2022-09-21 / Update for  iOS 16

The new iOS 16 version has offered many visual changes to the lock screen. From creating multiple lock screens to adding desired widgets and using the depth effect, everything seems much more appealing. 

depth effect ios 16

With this depth effect, you can place objects in focus right in front of the clock by customizing the lock screen for it. This way the object pop-ups and stays on top for your primary focus. Here is everything you need to know about the depth effect iOS 16.

What Is Depth Effect on iOS 16 

The new iOS 16 has made upgrading exciting and interesting with new visual changes. As its name indicates, the depth effect iPhone enables you to add depth to your lock screen wallpaper all with the use of AI-based image processing. 

Taking the advantage of subject isolation feature, iOS 16 isolates objects present on the wallpaper of the lock screen automatically. This way the essentials of the lock screen – the clock – will respect your object’s place and layer them behind it.

The Benefits of Using Depth Effect 

That being said, with the new iOS 16 release, the lock screen has become more personal, and appealing. With this multilayered depth effect, you can set your favorite photo artfully in front of clock on your iPhone lock screen. You can change the overall look of date and time on the lock screen due to a choice of expressive styles and colors. 

You can put memorable photos of people or pets in the front row and that will give you new energy whenever you will see them on the lock screen. Moreover, you can find high-quality wallpapers online to use for depth effect, all depends on your liking.

How to Enable Depth Effect on Lock Screen 

Before starting to enable the depth effect, make sure your device is updated to the iOS 16 version. Since this feature is available in this iOS version. Here is how you can enable the depth effect on the lock screen.

  • Lock your screen by pressing the side button.
  • Now tap and hold on the lock screen to open the customization menu.

    enable depth effect on lock screen
  • Tap on the 3-dots menu at the bottom right corner to enable the depth effect on the lock screen.
  • Save your settings.

    enable depth effect on lock screen step two

How to Disable Depth Effect on Lock Screen 

However, if you didn’t like the depth effect then it’s always in your hand that you can disable it and enjoy a normal lock screen. Here is how to disable the depth effect on the lock screen.

  • Start by pressing and holding on the lock screen to open the wallpaper gallery.
  • If necessary, swipe with the depth effect and tap on “Customize.”
  • Press the three ellipsis icon (three encircled dots) in the lower right corner.
  • Click Depth Effect.
  • Tap on “Done” in the upper right corner to save the changes.

Bonus Tip: How to Downgrade iOS 16 to iOS 15 

In case you are missing your previous iOS 15 version and can’t go along with the iOS 16 features then you can downgrade your iPhone to the previous iOS version. Tenorshare ReiBoot for iOS is an iPhone recovery software that offers mind-blowing repairing of the iPhone iOS system. Within a few minutes, you can get rid of serious iOS issues.

If you are looking to downgrade the iOS 16 beta version to iOS 15 then use deep downgrade to do it right. However, make sure you already have a backup for your iPhone’s data. Here is how to downgrade iOS 16 to iOS 15 using ReiBoot

  • Launch ReiBoot on your computer and connect your iPhone to the PC. Now click on “Downgrade iOS.” 

    download reiboot
  • Next, select “deep downgrade” and confirm it to proceed.

    select deep downgrade
  • Upon confirmation, ReiBoot will detect the current iOS version of your device and will show you a downgradable iOS firmware. Click “download” to have that package.

    download firmware
  • Once it's downloaded, now click on “start deep downgrade” to downgrade your iOS 16 to iOS 15.

    start tdeep downgreade
  • Wait for a few minutes and keep your device connected until the process is completed.

    deep downgrade successfully

Final Words 

Undoubtedly iOS 16 has introduced a complete overhaul of the iOS lock screen letting you make it customized the way you want. You can bring widgets to the lock screen which wasn’t possible in the previous iOS versions. Depth effect iOS 16 is also appealing for those who want to enjoy their favorite photos on the lock screen with a totally new appearance and feel.