Windows Care Genius Online Guide

Windows Care Genius Online Guide

Here is a detailed online guide to use Tenorshare Windows Care Genius. With this tutorial you will find solutions to clean up junk files, speed up Windows performance, protect privacy and optimize your Windows system to optimal performance in every aspect.

Part 1: Getting Started

Windows Care Genius Overview
Have a look at Windows Care Genius, here you will know the main functions of this Windows system optimize tool.
How to Health Check PC
One click to checkup your PC healthy status and do a quickly clean for your system.

Part 2: System Cleaner

Registry Cleaner - Clean Invalid Registry Entries off Your Computer
Scan and tidy the registry in your computer, delete useless registry entry to boost and stabilize your PC.
Common Cleaner - Clean Useless Files and Traces in Computer
Cleans traces, cache, download history, browsing history, form history, invalid shortcuts, cookies, passwords, Windows components, etc. in your system.
Advanced Cleaner - Clean Files with Specific Extensions on Specified Drives
Use an advance method to clean junk files with specific extensions and system drivers.
System Slimming - Remove Unnecessary Files on System Drive
Delete useless Windows system built-in files.
Big Files Manager – Delete Useless Big Files to Release Disk Space
Regularly delete useless big files that occupying disk space to release disk space.

Part 3: System Tuneup

System Optimizer - Accelerate PC’s Startup and Shutdown
Optimize Windows system in all around: startup/shutdown acceleration, system stability, system speedup, network speedup.
Disk Defrag - Analyze and Defragment Redundant Disk
Defrag hard disk to keep it run fast after being used for some time and free up more space.
Registry Defrag - Analyze and Compresse Redundant Registry Fragments
Optimize and defrag registry to make Windows system run stable and fast.
Startup Manager - Manage Startup Programs and Services to Boost Startup Speed
Scan and manage startup applications and services to speed up Windows system boot.
Context Menu- Manage Your Windows Context Menu
Manage Windows context menu with easy and convenient.

Part 4: Privacy Protector

Privacy Eraser – Erase the History of Viewed Pictures/Watched Videos/Visited Pages, etc.
One click to clean file history, Internet traces, and protect your system security.
Disk Eraser – Remove Deleted Files from Being Recovered
Wipe deleted data from your hard disk to make it impossible from being recovered.
File Shredder – Prevent Shredded Files from Being Restored
Overwrite original file spaces to prevent shredded files from being restored.
Password Generator – Create Strong Password
Create strong password with digits, lower and upper case alphabet, special characters and length.

Part 5: System Monitoring

Process Monitor – Monitor and Manage System Process
A better alternative Windows task manager help you manage running process,monitor CPU and memory usage.
Hardware Overview – Check PC's Hardware Information, Model, Temperature, and So On
Clearly view computer hardware component information.

Part 6: User Tips

Backup & Restore
Create system restore point and backup registry for your system, and also restore the system and registry with ease.
Schedule Task
Set a schedule task which running in background to do regular checkup and clean for your computer.
Custom Settings
Custom settings in Windows Care Genius – Speedup ball, Avatar and Themes.