Windows Boot Genius Online Guide

Windows Boot Genius Online Guide

This page is a summarized online guide and brief introduction to Window Boot Genius that equipped with 5 tools and 27 features. By following the detailed contents below, you can easily find specific way to solve problems on creating bootable disk; fixing Windows crashes, fixing corrupted boot files, resetting Windows password, recovering Windows product key, backing up and restoring disk and partition, managing partition and erasing data Windows. If you still have questions after reading this guide, please feel free to contact our support team and you will be replied within 48 hours.

Part 1: Getting Started

Windows Boot Genius Overview
Go though the main features of Windows Boot Genius. Download and install the program on your computer.
How to Choose the Suitable Function
Get to know which function that can tackle the problem you are meeting.
How to Create Boot Disk and Run the Program
Create bootable disk and properly run the program step by step.

Part 2: Windows Rescue

How to Fix Windows Crashes
To figure out why your Windows crashes and find out corresponding solutions.
How to Fix Boot Files
To repair corrupted and missed boot files that cause your crashed computer.

Part 3: Password & Key Recovery

How to Reset Lost Windows Password
Get to knows how to remove lost and forgotten Windows login and administrator password when you are locked out of the computer.
How to Recover Windows Product Key
To recover Windows product key before your Windows installation, or reinstallation.

Part 4: Data Recovery (Four Recovery Models)

How to Recover Files from Hard Disk and Partition
To recover all deleted and lost files from hard disk, partition that lost due to whatever the reasons for.

Part 5: Disk Tools

How to Clone Entire Disk or One Partition
To clone entire disk or one partition before your replacement, upgrade and for other usages.
How to Back Up Disk or One Partition
To have disk or one partition backed up entirely in void of unnecessary data loss.
How to Restore Disk or One Partition
To restore backup files from disk or one partition automatically without any data missing.
How to Manage Partition
To create, format, delete, move, resize partition with securest steps.
How to Wipe Sensitive Data
To completely erase sensitive data on computer from being recovered.

Part 6: Technical Support & FAQ

Technical Support & FAQ
Frequently asked questions and answers for Windows Boot Genius.