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Guide for Recovering iPhone Messages

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery enables you to get back messages (carrier SMS and iMessage) that you deleted or lost due to accidental deletion, jailbreak, factory settings, iPhone damage and other data loss scenarios. It offers three different recovery options so you have big chance to recover your lost messages even without backup in iTunes/iCloud.

Select Recovery Mode -> Scan iOS Device/Backup/Download Backup -> Preview and Recover

To know which mode is suitable for you, you can refer to following three posts.s

When to Select Recover Data from iOS Device

When to Select Recover Data from iTunes Backup File

When to Select Recover Data from iCloud Backup File

Whenever you realize that you have your message(s) sdeleted purposely or inadvertently, you’d better stop using the iPhone and turn on Airplane Mode. Any new operation to the iPhone may result in permanently erase.

Follow the steps below to recover your messages from iPhone SE/6s (Plus)/6 (Plus)/5s/5c/5/4S.

Step 1/3: Choose a recovery mode

If you choose “Recover Data from iOS device” mode, you’ll need to connect your iPhone to computer with a USB cable. Click “Start Scan” to scan for lost messages.

connect iphone to computer
connect your iphone to mac

In other two recovery modes (Recover from iTunes backup files and Recover from iCloud backup files), just follow the onscreen guide to find the backup file that includes the message you want.

Step 2/3: Preview Messages and Find What You Need

When the scan completes, messages as well as other files in your iPhone or in the backup will list. Your data are classified according to file types and you can clearly know how many items in each category.

As the screen shot below shows, there are 86 messages in the iPhone, one can tap Messages to preview them in details. You can differentiate between existing and deleted items by colors. Items in red color are deleted messages. Or you can tick “Show Only Deleted” at the bottom to show all deleted items.

select file types to download
recover iphone messages on mac

Step 3/3: Pick up messages to recover

Pick up items that you want to restore and click Recover button, you will see two recovery choices. Recover to Device and Recover to Computer.

two recovery options
recover messages to iphone

Recover to Device:

Your messages will be restored to iPhone Messages app directly. It is worth mentioning that these recovered messages will appear as unread new messages on your iPhone.

You have to turn off Find My iPhone (Go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone) before you can recover messages to your device.

This process needs a few minutes. You’d better not disconnect your iPhone from computer until the recovering process completes and your iPhone restarts.

recover messages to iphone
recover messages to iphone

Recover to Computer:

This option will recover and save your messages to computer in .txt, .xls, or .xml file. You can set up output format by clicking Output Setting button.

output setting
output setting

If you do not need to export the messages to iPhone or local, you can print your messages for backup. Make sure your computer is connected to a Printer, and choose items you want to print and press “Print” button on the top right corner. There are two drop-down options. Choosing Preview enables you to preview before printing.

 preview before print
print iphone data on mac

Choose Print to select Printer properties and click OK button to start printing directly.

print messages
print settings

The Bottom Line

With above three steps, you have multiple choices to get your lost messages back. We welcome you share your experience on the comment section.