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Multiple Recovery Options Supported

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery provides 3 recovery modes. Below is the detailed guide of how to recover lost data from your iPhone, from iTunes backup and from iCloud backups, you can choose the one best suit you to get back the data you want. No matter how you lost data after iOS updates or jailbreak, the program can scan for lost files and then recover for you. You are allowed to preview files before recovery.

Option 1: Recover Data from iPhone without Backup

In this mode, you can directly restore data from iPhone without iTunes or iCloud backup. If you don‘t have any iTunes backup or iCloud backup, this method is suitable for you.

recover data from iphone directly
recover iphone data without backup

Option 2: Recover Data from iTunes Backup File

Have a recent iTunes backup of your iPhone but iTunes can’t recognize your iPhone? iPhone unfortunately got damaged, lost or stolen? Another option iPhone Data Recovery provides is "Recover Data from iTunes Backup File". If you have backed up or synced iPhone with iTunes on your PC, now we'll show you how iPhone Data Recovery recovers iPhone data from iTunes backup.

 recovery iphone data from itunes
 extract data from itunes backup

Option 3: Recover iPhone Data from iCloud Backup

If you have backed up your iPhone data with iCloud, you can restore iPhone data from iCloud backup as well. For iOS 9 iCloud backup, you need to install iCloud on your PC first. Download iCloud for Windows at

 recovery iphone data from icloud
restore data from icloud backup