How to Recover Data from iPad

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Mode 1. Recover Data Directly from iPad
Mode 2. Recover Data from iTunes Backup File
Mode 3. Recover Data from iCloud Backup File
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With TenorshareiPad Data Recovery, it is easy to recover contacts, videos, SMS, notes, WhatsApp message and more from iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad 4 and other versions of iPad. You can choose to recover from iTunes backup, iCloud backup or recover from iPad itself when you have no backup. Before recovery, you are allowed to preview the photos, messages, notes, etc, before recovery.

Furthermore, if your iPad have stuck issues like stuck at recovery mode, apple logo, boot loop, blank screen, blue screen of deathand so on, the program can help you fix it and you don’t have to worry about losing data. Mac users go to Recover iPad data on Mac >>

You are provided with 3 recovery modes:

Mode 1. Recover Data Directly from iPad

This kind of recovery makes it possible to directly recover iPad contents (15 types) from iPad to PC. Consequently you must have your iPad at hand when choose this mode.

Step 1.Connect iPad to computer

First connect your iPad to the PC and make sure it is powered on. Launch iPad Data Recovery and the program will detect your iPad quickly.

connect your ipad to computer

You'll then get a pop-up window asking you to tap "Trust" on your iOS device to trust this computer.

tap trust on your ipad to trust this computer

Unfortunately, sometimes you cannot tap “Trust” on your ipadto get your iPad connected with the program because of stuck issues, no worries,iPad Data Recovery can help you fix it.

1. Stuck at recovery mode

Please click “Exit Recovery Mode” button to make your iPad exit recovery mode. After that, iPad Data Recovery allows you recover whatever you like.

click exit recovery mode

2. Stuck at apple logo, boot loop, blank screen, blue screen of death, etc.

Please click “Download” button to download Tenorshare iCareFone and “Repair Operating System” option is the best choice for you, which can repair your iPad without causing any data loss. And you can continue use the program to help you retrieve important data when the program finishes repairing successfully.

Step 2.Selectively Scan iPad for Lost Data

After your iPad is detected, check “Select All” and click "Start Scan", the program will scan all the data. If you want to recover some specific file types, you can check the options as you like, then click “Start Scan” button to scan them.

start scanning ipad

Step 3. Preview iPad data

iPad Data Recovery allows us to preview so that we select the right ones to recover. Please note: if the data you want to recover doesn’t show up, they might be the unchecked file types before scanning.

You can also preview data in time order, which makes it a lot easier to find the data you want to recover.

preview file types to recover data

You can double click a picture to see the large picture.

click a picture to see the large picture

Print Text Messages, Photos, Contacts, Notes and More from iPad (Optionally)

You will be able to print text messages, photos, contacts and more from iOS devices. Just make sure your computer is connected to a printer, choose files you want to print and press the "Print" button on right of the top menu, which will bring up 2 options: Print and Preview.

print file types

Preview: Click on Preview to preview before printing. Below is a preview of the picture to be printed.

preview before printing

Print: Click on Print to select printer name and print iPhone and start printing.

start printing

Step 4. Recover data from iPad

Click "Recover" and choose a path for the recovered iPad contacts, messages, notes, photos, WhatsApp and more.

Mode 2. Recover Data from iTunes Backup File

The second mode is to restores data from iPad by extracting iTunes backup. As long as you have a recent iPad backup on your PC, you can even recover iPad data when your iPad is stolen or damaged.

Step 1. Select recovery mode and scan iPad backup

Launch iPad Data Recovery and select "Recover Data from iTunes Backup File". Then the program will automatically detect and list all backups of the devices which have synced with iTunes on your computer. Select the one signifying your iPad and tap "Start Scan".

ipad recovery software

Import iTunes backup & Restore deleted iTunes backup

Import iTunes backup to extract: If your iTunes backup is not saved in the default path, the program will not automatically list the backup file. However, Tenorshare iOS Data Recovery allows you to import the iTunes backup file (provided you know where the backup file is saved) and extract data from the backup.

import itunes backup

Restore deleted iTunes backup: If you deleted your iTunes backup and later found important data in that backup, just click on "Go get back deleted iTunes backup". A window will pop up asking you to select a disk and click "Start Scan" to scan. Usually Disk C is your first choice, as iTunes backup file is saved in Disk C by default.

scan for deleted itunes backup

The scanning will take some time. Just wait for a few minutes or so. As soon as the scan finishes, the backup you deleted will appear on the list. Select the backup file you need and click on "Recover". Then this backup file will be on the backup file list for you to extract data from.

restore deleted itunes backup

Step 2. Preview iPad files

As scanning finishes, all scanned files will be displayed on the interface. Now preview files by category and select those you need to recover.

how to recover ipad data

Step 3. Restore iPad from iTunes backup

Hit "Recover" after you select files to recover. In a few minutes, you will get your lost iPad data on your PC.

Mode 3. Recover Data from iCloud Backup File

If you have backed up your iPad data with iCloud, you can restore iPad data from iCloud backup as well.

Step 1. Select recovery mode and log into iCloud

After you run this software, select "Recover Data from iCloud Backup File" from the top menu. You will then see a window just like the following one. Enter your iCloud account and password and click "Sign in" to log in. If you've logged in to iCloud on your computer before, you can switch to Software Access which enables you to log in automatically and saves you the process of entering your Apple ID.

To use Software Access you have to make sure you've login to iCloud with iCloud for Windows, not iCloud from your web browser. Download iCloud for Windows at

recover ipad data from icloud backup

Step 2. Scan iCloud backup

Then a list of iCloud backups will display in the primary interface. Select the backup file you need (based on backup name, date, size and iOS version) and click "Next" to confirm your selection.

how to recover ipad data

After that, a window would pop up as the picture below. Then just tick those file types you want to recover and click "Next" to download them from the iCloud backup.

how to recover ipad data

Step 3. Preview and recover files from iCloud backup

In a few seconds, the scanning will complete. Preview the photos, messages, notes, etc., and then click "Recover" to save them to your computer with a few clicks.

preview ipad data from icloud

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