4WinBoot (Windows Boot Genius) – Password & Key Recovery: How To

Forgot Windows Windows 10/8/7 administrator password? Microsoft asks you for product key after installing Microsoft products? With the help of Tenorshare 4WinBoot (Windows Boot Genius), you can easily reset lost and forgotten Windows local/domain password and recover Windows product ID, product key and office key. To get started, download Tenorshare 4WinBoot and install it on any PC you can access.

1. Create a Bootable Disk

Run the program and insert prepared CD/DVD disk into the CD-ROM drive or connect USB flash drive into a USB port on computer. Then click "Burn" to start burning bootable disk.

burn boot cd usb

2. Boot Your PC from the Bootable Disk

Insert the newly burned bootable disk to the computer that won't boot. Continuously press "F12" to set the computer boot from USB or CD/DVD/CD-RM device depending on what is your disk. Lastly, tap "Enter" and you will see an integrated page of program.

Note: The detailed steps slightly differentiate from computer brands and Windows versions. If you have any difficulty booting up from disk, please take Set BIOS to Boot Computer from CD/DVD/USB for reference.

set bios

3. Windows Password Reset

Click "Password & Key Recovery" and click "Windows Password Reset" from the list.

windows password reset

Select the Windows installation that you want to remove password from and click "Next". Surely, if you have only one installation, directly click "Next" to move on.

windows password reset

Tick the user account you want to reset password from. As the picture showed below, you are allowed to change, remove and create password. Select one mode and click "Next" to perform automatically.

windows password reset

4. Product Key Recovery

Click "Password & Key Recovery" and click "Product Key Recovery" from the list.

product key recovery

Select Windows installation from the pull-down list. Later the product name and its corresponsive license key and product ID are listed. You can click "Save" to keep it on your computer as .txt format.

product key recovery
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