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How to Restore Data from iCloud Backup

When your iPhone is lost, stolen or inaccessible, but fortunately you have backed up your iPhone data in iTunes or iCloud, UltData has brought a handy way for you to retrieve data from backup file. If you want to recover lost data from iTunes backup, just follow the guide Retrieve Data from iTunes Backup. However, if you only have iCloud backup, then Recovering from iCloud backup file will be your best choice. You can download iCloud backup to local and selectively recover your data from iCloud backup.

Before getting started, please ensure the data you want has been backed up to iCloud, and your computer is connected to Internet.

Step 1: Select recovery mode and log into iCloud

Switch to Recover from iCloud backup files, and sign into iCloud. There are two login options:

 sign into icloud account
sign into icloud

Step 2: Choose a specific iCloud backup

After you log into the iCloud account, all backups associated with this Apple ID will be listed. You can check the details (name, date, version, and size) of each backup file. Choose the backup that contains your lost data and click Next button.

  select icloud backup
icloud backup files

Step 3: Pick up the file types that you want to download and scan

In the next window, you are allowed to select file types for downloading and scanning. To speed up the process, you can just download those file types that you need. Click Next button to start downloading these items from cloud.

select file types to download
select icloud files to download

Step 4: Download Files from iCloud

The download process takes a while, depending on the backup size and internet speed. Once completed, UltData starts automatically scanning data from these file types, and you will be able to preview detailed items.

download icloud backup
downloading icloud backup

Step 5: Preview Detailed Data from iCloud Backup

Your data in iCloud backup will present a result for previewing and recovering. Clicking a category on the left can expand detailed items. The results contain both existing and deleted info from your backup. You can choose “Show Only Deleted” at the bottom to display deleted files only.

 preview files from icloud backup
preview icloud photos

Step 6: Choose files for recovery

Pick up items that you want to restore and click Recover button. You can selectively recover desired items instead of recovering all files. Moreover, you can click Output Setting button on the top right corner to select the formats for different files. Media contents (Photos, Videos, and Memos) will be restored as original formats.

 output settings
recover iphone data from icloud

For Contacts, Messages and Notes, there are two recovery options: Recover to Device / Recover to Computer. ?

If you choose “Recover to Device”, please connect your iPhone to computer with a USB cable. Messages will be transferred to your device as new unread messages in iPhone Message app, so do Notes and Contacts.

recover to device
recover to device