How to Recover Corrupt Windows System

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Part 1. Create a Bootable CD/DVD/USB
Part 2. Windows Rescue
Part 3. Password & Key Recovery
Part 4. Data Recovery
Part 5. Disk Tools
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Part 2. Windows Rescue

When your computer boots from CD/DVD/USB, it will loads to the system burned on the boot disk.

If you are encountering computer crash, select "Windows Rescue" Tab.

Fix Crash Issues

According to your crashing symptoms, select the best solution to fix crash issues:

For advanced users, if you can troubleshoot your computer and know the causes of issue, directly go to "Function Center" to choose the corresponding tools to fix the problem: "Boot File Recovery", "MBR Recovery", "Boot Sector Recovery", "Registry Recovery", and "Registry Editor".

Backup or Restore System

If you want to restore Windows system by using our backup tool in this suite or Microsoft backup tool, go on for details:

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How to Recover Corrupt Windows System
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