Guide: How to Repair Corrupted Photo In Minutes

How do you document your life? There are actually many ways, and taking pictures is a great way to record the wonderful life. However, your photos may appear damaged and blurred, as well as not being previewed due to compressed photos. All these situations will disappoint you if it happens to you. Luckily, Stellar Repair for Photo can help you repair damaged photos in any form and makes them look new.

Step 1: Download and Install Stellar Repair for Photo

Download and install Stellar Repair for Photo on your Windows or Mac, after installing the software you will see the main interface. Next, click "Add File".

stellar repair for photo

Step 2: Select the Damaged Photos from Computer

Now, you need to choose the damaged photos from your computer, please locate where it stored.

repair old photo

Step 3: Starting Repair the Damaged Photos

When you've selected the photos you want to fix, click "Repair" button to start.

stellar photo repair

Note: If you want to repair multiple photos at once, you can click "Add" button to import the other photos, and click "Repair".

The time required for the entire restoration process depends on the number and size of your photos. Generally, one picture only need a few seconds to repair. It's very fast.

repair corrupted photo

When a window pops up, it means your photos have been repaired successfully. It also generates thumbnails for the photos. Click "OK" to the next step.

damage photo repair complete

Step 4: Preview the Repaired Photos

Before saving the restored photo to your computer, the repaired photos were presented with type and size information. you can preview by clicking the image icon in the left box.

preview photo stellar repair for photo

Step 5: Save Repaired Photos on Computer

In the end, click "Save Repaired Files" and select the location on your computer where you want to store it.

select folder stellar repair for photo

After saving complete, you will see "Images(s) saved successfully", click "OK" to finish the steps. You can also hit the link "Click here" to open the folder where the repaired photos are stored.

image saved successfully stellar repair for photo
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