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Technical Support & FAQ

How to Recover Product Key Recovery

When you install or reinstall Microsoft Office product, you will be asked to enter the product key. The product key is used during software installation to unlock the product. You can find it on your computer or inside the Windows package, or in a confirmation e-mail if you purchased and downloaded Windows online. Probably, you have left package and deleted e-mail with impossibility to get it back. Out of consideration for most of users who may put themselves in such a dilemma, Product Key Recovery is equipped to free them from trouble.

Key Features of Product Key Recovery

Guide to Recover Product Key Recovery

Step1. Run the program and get into main interface under the guidance. Then click Password&Key Recovery, next click Windows Product Key from the list.

recover windows product key 1

Step2. Select Windows installation from the pull-down list. Later the product name and its corresponsive license key and product ID are listed. You can click Save to keep it on your computer as .txt format.

recover windows product key 2