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How to use Any Data Recovery

Tenorshare Any Data Recovery enables you to recover files that you inadvertently deleted, and recover data from formatted, corrupted, or crashed hard drive, and portable devices.

Here presents a tutorial about how to use Tenorshare Data Recovery step by step.

To get started, download the appropriate version of Data Recovery software via edition comparison table. Install it on a partition that is different from the one where your lost data located. Then launch it. To recover data from portable device, connect it to your computer in advance.

RAID Recovery

"RAID Recovery" can recover data from broken RAID 0 and RAID 5 array. You can get back deleted or lost data from them and copy all found files and folders to other partition directly. Only Tenorhsare Data Recovery Enterprise version features this function.

How to Recover Data from RAID Arrays.

Step 1: Select "RAID Recovery". Click "Add" to add disks. If you want to delete disks, click "Remove" to one by one or click "Deleted All" to delete all at once.

raid files recovery

Note: If it is RAID 0, there are no less than two disks. If it is RAID 5, there should be no less than three the disks.

Step 2: This software provides 3 ways to analyze RAID: Smart, Manual, and Smart + Manual. If you are very clear about the parameters of RAID, you can use Manual. Otherwise, Smart and Smart + Manual are recommended. Follow the wizard to proceed.

Step 3: Then, all the disks are displayed in a popup. Click "OK" to start scanning lost files on those disks.

how to recover raid data

When it finished, all the files display, select the files you need to recover. Click "Recover".

raid recovery

Step 4: Select a path for the recovered files, Click "OK" to complete recovery.

recover raid

Tenorshare Data Recovery Enterprise allows you to use Deleted Recovery mode to scan RAID and recover the lost data. What's more, you can directly copy all found files to any partition.

how to recover raid arrays

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