How to Recover Card Data on Mac

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Step 1.Select recovery mode
Step 2. Select target drive and file types to scan
Step 3. Preview and select needed files
Step 4. Recover and save the files
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How to Use Tenorshare Card Data Recovery for Mac

Tenorshare Card Data Recovery for Mac allows Mac users to recover photos, music and video files from various storage devices including SD card, USB flash drive and hard disk drive. It's a must-have tool.

Step 1. Select Recovery Mode

1. Download Card Data Recovery for Mac and install it. Make sure not install the program on the disk which your lost data were stored, so that the lost data won't get overwritten.

2. Connect your target device to PC.

Launch Tenorshare Card Data Recovery for Mac on your PC and select the recovery mode. You are provided with 2 recovery modes:

how to perform card data recovery on mac

Step 2. Select Drive & File Type

After choosing recovery mode, you need to decide which drive you want to scan and what kind of files you're to recover.

guide on how to recover data from memory card on mac

If you choose Quick Recovery, you can then use the Filter Option to choose file types. For instance, if you only want to recover photos, in Filter Option you should check Photos.

If you choose Deep Recovery, you are then provided with Filter Option and 2 other options on the bottom of the interface: Scan for all files & Scan for deleted files.

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Step 3. Preview and Select Needed Files

You are allowed to preview the scanned recoverable files before recovery. It supports photos (jpeg, jpg, png, tiff…), audios (mp3, ogg, aif, mid…), videos (MP4, AVI, MPEG, 3GP…) and other files (like txt, pdf, html, rtf). Highlight the file to preview it on the right preview window.

mac card data recovery guide

After selecting the files you want to recover, click "Recover".

If you choose Scan for deleted files in Deep Recovery mode, you are allowed to view and search for needed files according to the name of the file.

Step 4. Recover and Select a Path to Save

Select a directory to save the recovered files. You had better save files to a different partition from the original one in case that the lost files are overwritten.

how to recover card data on mac

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