Windows Care Genius Online Guide
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Getting Started
Windows Care Genius Overview
How to Health Check PC
System Cleaner
Registry Cleaner - Clean Invalid Registry Entries off Your Computer
Common Cleaner - Clean Useless Files and Traces in Computer
Advanced Cleaner - Clean Files with Specific Extensions on Specified Drives
System Slimming - Remove Unnecessary Files on System Drive
Big Files Manager – Delete Useless Big Files to Release Disk Space
System Tuneup
System Optimizer - Accelerate PC’s Startup and Shutdown
Disk Defrag - Analyze and Defragment Redundant Disk
Registry Defrag - Analyze and Compresse Redundant Registry Fragments
Startup Manager - Manage Startup Programs and Services to Boost Startup Speed
Context Menu- Manage Your Windows Context Menu
Privacy Protector
Privacy Eraser – Erase the History of Viewed Pictures/Watched Videos/Visited Pages, etc.
Disk Eraser – Remove Deleted Files from Being Recovered
File Shredder – Prevent Shredded Files from Being Restored
Password Generator – Create Strong Password
System Monitoring
Process Monitor – Monitor and Manage System Process
Hardware Overview – Check PC's Hardware Information, Model, Temperature, and So On
User Tips
Backup & Restore
Schedule Task
Custom Settings

Process Monitor – Monitor and Manage System Process

In Windows Care Genius, navigate to System Monitor >> Process Monitor, you will see all of the running process listed here, they’re sort by process name. To view and monitor the process, you can click on the head of the list to sort the process with different dimension.

windows processes monitor

For example, if you need monitor the CPU usage of processes, you can click on “CPU” tab, Windows Care Genius will dynamically sort and display all the processes by CPU usage rate. If you need to monitor the memory usage of each process, just click the “Memory” tab.

windows task manager

To kill the process which are useless and occupy much CPU and memory resources, you can move the cursor to the end of it, click on the small triangle, then choose “End Process”. Please make sure you have saved your work (such as editing documentary or pictures) which re related to the process.