Windows Care Genius Online Guide
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Getting Started
Windows Care Genius Overview
How to Health Check PC
System Cleaner
Registry Cleaner - Clean Invalid Registry Entries off Your Computer
Common Cleaner - Clean Useless Files and Traces in Computer
Advanced Cleaner - Clean Files with Specific Extensions on Specified Drives
System Slimming - Remove Unnecessary Files on System Drive
Big Files Manager – Delete Useless Big Files to Release Disk Space
System Tuneup
System Optimizer - Accelerate PC’s Startup and Shutdown
Disk Defrag - Analyze and Defragment Redundant Disk
Registry Defrag - Analyze and Compresse Redundant Registry Fragments
Startup Manager - Manage Startup Programs and Services to Boost Startup Speed
Context Menu- Manage Your Windows Context Menu
Privacy Protector
Privacy Eraser – Erase the History of Viewed Pictures/Watched Videos/Visited Pages, etc.
Disk Eraser – Remove Deleted Files from Being Recovered
File Shredder – Prevent Shredded Files from Being Restored
Password Generator – Create Strong Password
System Monitoring
Process Monitor – Monitor and Manage System Process
Hardware Overview – Check PC's Hardware Information, Model, Temperature, and So On
User Tips
Backup & Restore
Schedule Task
Custom Settings

PC Checkup: Check and Optimize PC Performance

Want to know about how much your computer consumes after long-time usage? Are you finding an effective solution to improve performance on your aged computer? PC Checkup will be your good assistant to make it. It will automatically scan, rate and optimize your computer after one-click.

Please follow the instruction below to do a quickly checkup for your computer.

Step1. Click Checkup button to analyze the whole heath status of your PC. Your computer will be scanned automatically.

health check up pc

The process takes a while. You can check up the useless files that are slowing down your PC performance.

checking up

Step 2:When the process completes, you will get a PC health index. PC Checkup uses 10 scores as the full mark to rate your PC’s health status.

10.0-8.0Perfect performance.
8.0-3.0Take care of your PC.
Below 3.0You need an urgent repair.

Click Fix button to fix all the problems or fix them one by one.

PC checkup

After fixing all these problems, you can click Checkup again to check your PC’s heath status again. The health index will be preferable. Your PC is at its peak performance if it gets the highest mark 10.