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Technical Support & FAQ

How to Create Bootable Disk and Run the Program

A boot disk (also called startup disk) is a type of removable media such as CD, DVD and USB that contains Windows startup files that your computer can use to start Windows if the Windows system files on the hard disk is damaged and corrupted. In addition, for success on changing certain settings that you aren’t allowed to perform directly on the system, you have to run the program with the bootable disk in the WinPE. This part will show you how to burn bootable CD/DVD/USB and run the program from the WinPE step by step. Before that, you need to have blank CD/DVD/USB first and make sure there is nothing important on because the process will erase all data on it.

Step1. Run the program and insert prepared CD/DVD disk into the CD-ROM drive or connect USB Flash Drive into a USB port on computer.

Step2. The Program will locate the ISO file and check your CD/DVD-Writer or USB automatically. If it can be found, please specify them manually. Then click Burn to start burning.

create bootable cd dvd usb
If you just want to create bootable disk for another usage instead of experiencing powerful features with Window Boot Genius, please plug out the CD/DVD/USB from computer and finish process. But to use the program on your problematic computer, you have to take on continuous steps below.

Step3. Insert the newly burned bootable disk to the computer that won’t boot, and continuously press F12 and set boot by Up and Down arrow keys, from Hard Drive, USB Storage Device or CD/DVD/CD-RM Device depending on what is your disk. Lastly, tap Enter and you will see a integrated page of program.

boot from bios settings

The detailed steps slightly differentiate from computer brands and Windows versions. If you have any difficulty in setting, please take Set BIOS to Boot Computer from CD/DVD/USB for reference.

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How to Create Bootable CD/DVD/USB