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How to Fix iPhone Error 53

Recently, many users have reported they are facing the iPhone error 53 when they restore or update iPhone in iTunes. Apple Inc designed a security test for the Touch ID to see if it works properly or not. But unfortunately, the test is causing troubles for the iPhone users.

So, in this article, you will learn to fix the iPhone error 53 after screen replacement, update, or restore. Luckily, we have the perfect tools for the users to fix the iTunes error 53 in iPhone 6S/6/7/7S/8/X/XS/XR.

iPhone error 53

Part 1: When Do Users Experience Error 53?

As the Touch ID security feature works from the Home button, slight damage to the button would cause you problems while operating the iPhone. Thus, the users get the screen and button replaced. And that's when the iPhone error 53 arises in the devices after screen replacement. Getting the device repaired with the Third Party repair often lead to this issue as they replace the screen instead of the button which is damaged.

The biggest concern is that the error 53 after screen replacement bricks the iPhone and makes it completely unstable. The main reason for this error is the fraudulent use of Touch ID which often fails to verify the security test designed by Apple to allow only authorized parts to be used on their devices. But there are some methods that can still be used to fix this issue.

Part 2: Methods to Resolve iTunes Error 53

We have gathered various methods that may or may not work. So, we have also enlisted two tools that provide 100% assurance that they can fix the device. Try out these methods and see which one of them works for you.

Method 1: Empty Recycle Bin or Trash Can of Your Computer

For Mac OS, open the Trash can and hit the Finder button. The Empty Trash option will appear on the screen. Then just confirm the action in the pop-up message and delete the files from the Trash Can permanently.

For Windows OS, double-click on the Recycle Bin option and you will see the Empty Recycle Bin option in the Toolbar. Click on Yes when the pop-up window appears on the screen and delete the files from the Bin.

Method 2: Update iTunes

Even for the Mac and Windows OS, the method to update iTunes varies a little bit. There is a chance that iTunes error 53 can be fixed by updating iTunes to the latest version.

For Mac OS, you will have to select the iTunes option from the menu. Click on the "Check for Updates" option and get the latest version of iTunes on your system.

 iTunes update in mac

For Windows OS, you will have to launch the iTunes and click on the Help menu to Check for Updates. Once the update is listed, click on the Download now button and install the updates for iTunes.

iTunes update in windows os

Method 3: If It Is an iTunes Problem: Repair iTunes to Fix iTunes Error

Sometimes it is the iTunes problem that leads to error message. Thus, you can use the free iTunes repair tool TunesCare to reinstall iTunes easily. Moreover, this iTunes repair software can fix iTunes sync/restore/backup/update problems by one click.

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To fix the error, you just need to download the software on your computer and run it. The software has two functions, i.e. Fix iTunes Sync Problems and Fix All iTunes Issues. The second function has the capability to resolve over 100 types of iTunes working issues. So choose "Fix All iTunes Issues" to fix the iTunes error 53.


If something get wrong with your iTunes, you can click Repair iTunes to fix your iTunes.

 repair itunes

TunesCare will repair iTunes to fix the problem.

fix itunes error 53

Method 4. Re-Download and Re-Install iTunes

Another method that can fix the iPhone error 53 is to delete iTunes and re-install it on your system. Uninstalling iTunes from Windows is very easy as you can simply delete the third party apps from Windows. But for Mac OS, the iTunes app is a default application.

For Windows, just open the Control Panel and uninstall the app from the system. Then visit Apple's official website and re-download the app.

For Mac OS, head to the Applications folder and find iTunes. Right click on the Get Info option and tap on the Padlock icon. You will need to enter the Admin password. Then click on the Sharing and Permissions section and modify the Read & Write privileges to "Everyone". This will make it easier to delete the iTunes application. Then close the Get Info window and drag the app to the Trash icon. The app will be deleted from Mac OS and you can re-install the app from the official website.

remove iTunes from mac

Method 5: If It Is an iOS Issue: Repair iOS System to Fix iPhone Error 53

If the error is resulted from an iOS issue, you can entrust the iOS system recovery software ReiBoot to fix the iPhone error 53. It is known to fix all kinds of malfunctions in the iOS devices. So, whether your iPhone is stuck on Apple logo, recovery mode, black screen, or have the error 53, ReiBoot can help you to resolve all the issues at once. And the best thing is that not a single piece of data will be lost after the problem is resolved. ReiBoot will keep your data safe and secure during the system recovery.

Free Download For Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Free Download For macOS 10.14 and below
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Step 1. Run ReiBoot and choose Repair Operating System on the main interface.


Step 2. Click Start Repair on the next screen and then follow the onscreen instruction to download the firmware package:

download firmware package

Step 3. ReiBoot will recover your iOS using the firmware and fix the iOS problems.

fix ios to normal

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, now you know that iTunes error 53 can be resolved with a few methods. All the methods that are listed here proved to be a good method as error 53 fixes. Luckily, there are some better methods to resolve the iTunes issues. Both ReiBoot and TunesCare can fix the error 53 easily without going through a complicated process.

Free Download For Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Free Download For macOS 10.14 and below
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