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Top 8 Solutions to Fix iPhone/iPad Keeps on Restarting on iOS 12/11

Most of the Apple users were excited about the launch of the new iOS version. But the issues were highlighted more than the new features of the new update. And one of the issues which was in the air for quite some time was: iPhone keeps restarting with iOS 12/11. Well, Apple fans were seeking for the solutions, and to their call, we are up here with some of the patches that can fix this issue. Let us have a look at them.

Note Tips:Before you start using tips below to fix your keep-restarting iPhone, iPad, you'd better backup your device. Because some tips below will erase all data on your iOS device. You can free backup your iPhone beforehand using iCareFone

Solution 1: Hard Reset Your iPhone/iPad

Sometimes, by performing a hard reset simply takes away the bug. So if something is bothering your iPhone/iPad and making it restart over and again, you can hard reset your device to make it work normal. Follow below steps to perform a hard reset and solve iPhone keeps on restarting issue.

If you own iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/X/8, swiftly press the volume up button and then the volume down button, simultaneously press the side button until you see the Apple logo displayed on the screen.

If you own iPhone 7/7 Plus, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button along with the volume down button. Release once the Apple logo is displayed on the screen. For earlier iPhone models, they are Home and Power button.

force restart iphone

Solution 2: Check for Faulty Apps and Remove them

Sometimes, the issue is not with your iPhone or iPad but with the apps in your device which are responsible for the abnormal behavior and so iPhone keeps shutting off. It may happen that few of the apps are faulty and having bugs. This will result in a strangely behaving device, that is, iPhone turns off by itself or frequently restarting of iPhone/iPad. So simply find such apps and delete them from your phone. Follow below steps to find the faulty app remove it:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data. Scroll down the list to find any apps appeared.

Step 2: If you can find one app there, go back to Home screen and long press the faulty app icon that you wish to remove until the app icon wiggles.

delete faulty app

Step 3: Now you can see "X" symbol at the top left corner of the app icon. Click on the "X" symbol and tap on "Delete" when asked.

Solution 3: Update the iOS to the Latest Version

If your iPhone keeps trying to reboot, then probably it is something related to the software and not hardware. And here, when we say software, we point to the operating system. There might be some glitches in the operating system that may lead your device to abruptly shut down. Hence, if you have not updated your device to the latest version of iOS, this is the right time. New iOS update might have some patches or fixes for iphone keeps restarting itself issue.

Here is the step-by-step guide as to how can update your device to the latest iOS version and solve iPhone crashed keeps trying to reboot issue. Before updating, you can free backup your iPhone using iCareFone.

Step 1: Head to the Settings and then go to General. Click on the "Software Update" option.

Step 2: If you have the latest iOS version, then a message will be shown stating the version number of the iOS and "Your software is up to date" message. If you do not have the latest version, download it. The installation process will begin automatically.

update ios version

Solution 4: Reset All Settings

Reset all settings on iPhone is an easy way to help you fix iOS problems caused by software issues. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings to restore your iPhone's settings to factory defaults. No data loss will caused by this method.

update ios version

Solution 5: Remove Your SIM Card

If your iPhone has problems to connect to your wireless carrier, it will also lead iPhone get stuck in a restart loop. A simple trick to resolve this problem is remove the SIM card from iPhone and see if everything is ok now.

Solution 6. Restore Your iPhone Using iTunes

iTunes restore is a common way to solve many iOS problems. The defect of this method is that all data will get erased after restoring. Before you restore with iTunes, make sure your iPhone is backed up. You can free backup your iPhone beforehand using iCareFone.

Step 1. Launch iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone/iPad with a USB cable.

Step 2. On the iTunes, click on your iPhone and then look for the "Summary"; tab on the left side panel.

Step 3. Under the "Summary"; tab tap on the "Restore iPhone" button and then confirm your actions by tapping "Restore" when prompted.

restore iphone

Solution 7: Fix iPhone/iPad Keeps Restarting with Tenorshare ReiBoot (No Data Loss)

Basically, Tenorshare ReiBoot is a software that offers solution with just a single click by exiting as well as entering into the recovery mode. Follow below steps:

Step 1: Download and run the software. Link you device using a USB cable. And click on the "Enter Recovery Mode".

enter recovery mode

Step 2: Click on "Exit Recovery Mode" option. This will restart your device.

exit recovery mode

Hopefully, the iPhone keeps restarting after update issue should be solved now. But if your problem is not solved here, then you will net to upgrade the software to pro version, which will definitely yield you success. With the pro version, you can fix various issues such as abrupt restarting of iPhone/iPad, touch screen not working, Sleep/Wake or Home button not working, iOS device not working work normally and many more such issues.

Below is a step-by-step guide to solve the iPhone keeps restarting with iOS 12 and iOS 11.

Step 1: Download and launch the Tenorshare ReiBoot software on your PC. Once you have downloaded the device, connect your device using a USB cable.

Step 2: As soon as your device is detected, click on "Fix All iOS Stuck" option to recover iOS system by downloading the newest firmware package.

download firmware package online

Step 3: Once the package is successfully downloaded, tap on "Start Repair" option to start recovery of the system. As soon as the process is completed, you will see the below message.

ios system is repaired successfully

Well, your iPhone abruptly turns off problem is now solved. You can now use your iPhone or iPad without any dilemma of abruptly restarting the device.

Solution 8: Check for Hardware Issues

Hardware problem such as water damage will also cause iPhone keep restarting. So check if there is a hardware issue with your iPhone. And if possible, make an appointment with the Genius Bar and get help at your local Apple Store.

Why does iPhone/iPad Keep Restarting?

Well, there can be numerous answers for your question. The reason can be as simply as a faulty app or as complicated as a software bug. However, in any case, you need to get out of the problem. But before going to any solution, you should be aware of the reason why exactly your iPhone/iPad is behaving abnormally. Check the following few things to know why is your iPhone/iPad keeps restarting:

  • Hardware failure
  • Any software bug, for example, iOS 11.1.2 date bug

Apart from technical issues, other things can also create problems such as:

  • Cold weather
  • Fishy and fake apps in your iPhone


Long story short, we had a look on the best 5 solutions to solve iPhone keeps restarting after restore issue. If your problem is solved, then give us your valuable feedback. You can to this by commenting below. Also, do not forget to comment any different method (if you have any) that can help us solve the problem.

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