Fix iPhone Stuck

iPhone Stuck Problems and How to Fix Them
Collects the most common iPhone stuck problems and their fixes, including iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/6s stuck on apple logo, boot loop, black screen with iOS 11.1/11.
  • Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode
  • Fix iPhone Stuck in DFU Mode
  • Fix iPhone Stuck on Boot Loop
  • Fix iPhone Stuck in Apple Logo
  • Fix iPhone Stuck on White/Black Screen

Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

How to Exit iPhone Recovery Mode without Losing Data
Many users will have their iPhone stuck in Recovery Mode when updating, restoring or jailbreaking the device. Generally speaking, this
How to Exit iPhone X Recovery Mode Loop?
Recently, many iPhone X users find iPhone X stuck in iTunes logo and USB cable occasionally, which is called recovery mode.
Top 4 Solutions to Fix iPhone 7/7Plus Stuck on Restore Screen
Hi! my iPhone 7 just recently froze, got update interruption and is now stuck on restore screen. Couldn't update or restore
2017 Top 2 Ways to Fix iPhone iTunes Mode Exit
Every time when you want to conduct an iOS update or restore a backup from your iTunes
TinyUmbrella Alternative to Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode
iPhone get stuck in recovery mode during iOS 10 update? iPhone unfortunately stuck in recovery mode loop and iTunes
One Click to Fix iPhone 7/7 Plus Stuck in Recovery Mode
My iPhone 7 suddenly got stuck in recovery mode. I tried to restore it with iTunes but it can't connect to iTunes.
Fail to Enter iTunes Recovery Mode, How to Fix It?
My iPhone now is completely turn off, and can’t restore. Moreover, it will not go into iTunes recovery mode, any one can
The Easiest Way to Fix iPhone 6s/6s Plus Stuck in Recovery Mode
By: bethzac5 Dec 16, 2015 14:21 PM "My iPhone 6s stuck in recovery mode after I u
Fix iPhone Stuck on Recovery Mode during/after Jailbreak
For millions of happy users all over the world, iPhone is the best mobile phone. Whereas, there are still people who
iPhone/iPad/iPod Ended in Recovery Mode instead of DFU Mode: How to Fix?
When I was trying to update my iPhone 5s to iOS 9.2 and put into into DFU mode, my iPhone just stuck in recovery mode.
How to Fix iPhone 6/6s Stuck in Recovery Mode with One Click
After updating to iOS, my iPhone 6 stuck on recovery mode. What should I do now?
iPhone/iPad/iPod Stuck on Red iTunes Logo: How to Fix It for Free
I just tried to update my iPhone 6s to iOS 9.3 using iTunes. During the process there was a problem and iPhone showing
How to Fix an iPhone SE Stuck on Red iTunes Logo after Update/Jailbreak
You might face stuck issues when you try to jailbreak or update your new iPhone SE. There could be quite a few reasons
RecBoot Mac 2016: Download RecBoot to Enter & Exit Recovery Mode
Recovery mode is one of the must know iOS situations that could be crucial at times when an iPhone, iPad or iPod won’t start

Fix iPhone Stuck on Boot Loop

How to Fix iPhone Keeps Restarting/Crashing on iOS 11.1.2
Quite a number of iPhone users on iOS 11.1.2/11.1 are suffering from reboots/bootloop after seconds or minutes of using their device. You’ll see
How to Fix iPhone 8/8 Plus Keep Restarting
My iPhone 8 keeps rebooting after updating to iOS 11.0.3. I cannot figure out how to fix it. Anyone can help?
iPhone Shuts Down by Itself and Needs to Be Rebooted
You bought a recently released iPhone and it was working great all the time. But suddenly, it begins to shut off by itself.
iPhone Stuck in Factory Reset Loop, How to Fix?
This post offers up a feasible solution to fix endless reboot loop when performing factory reset on iPhone, iPad or iPod
How to Fix Endless Reboot Loop Problem on Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod
iPhone, iPad or iPod touch crash into endless reboot loop during/after jailbreak and never turns to the Home screen?
Stuck on Welcome to iPhone Screen, How to Fix it?
Some Apple fans might have met the same problem of their iPhone/iPad/iPod gets stuck on Welcome to iPhone
How to Fix Endless Reboot Loop on iPhone, iPad and iPod after iOS 7 Jailbreak
The Evasi0n untethered jailbreak for iOS 7 is released by evad3rs team for a few days. All iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running
Top 4 Ways to Fix Endless iOS 9/8 Reboot Loop on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Upgrading iPhone 6 to iOS 11 but crashing into iOS 11 update loop – this is what I met. Searching the Apple forum
iPad Air Randomly Restarts When I Play Games/Videos, How to Fix it?
I have a 32GB iPad Air. Ever since I updated to iOS 9 I have had a ton of random reboots with the blue screen.
iPhone 6 Keeps Restarting after iOS 10.3/10.2 Update, How to Fix
My iPhone 6 (IOS 10.3), keeps on restarting while at charging and does not turn on. It was working fine but suddenly

Fix iPhone Stuck on White/Black Screen

Top 3 Ways to Fix iPhone X Black Screen of Death
Having a black/blue screen on your new iPhone X is the last thing you wish to see, but it does happen sometimes.
How to Fix iPhone 8/8 Plus Black Screen with Spinning Circles?
Just got my iPhone 8 setup and working, then I get a black screen with the spinning dial. I have tried all the reset
Top 6 Ways to Fix iPhone Black Screen 2017
iPhone black screen is a common issue, and it could be a big panic if you are relying on your iPhone to for business.
[Solved] iPhone Stuck on Black/Negative Screen
I have a problem with my iPhone 6. Now it does it randomly when I lock it and then unlock it. The screen goes
iPhone 7/7 Plus Black Screen? Here Is the Easy Fix
I went to bed the other night and my iPhone worked fine. When I woke up, I was shocked that the iPhone
Top 6 Ways to Fix iPhone 7/7 Plus Blue Screen of Death and Rebooting Issue
iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the new flagship smartphones that Apple rolled out in 2016 Autumn. Apple fans over the
How to Fix iPhone Blue Screen of Death during/after Jailbreak on Mac
My iPhone 5s cannot work due to iphone 5s random blue screen after iOS 8.3 jailbreak.Is this a problem that
iPhone 5S Blue Screen of Death: What to Do?
Some iPhone 5S users have found the iPhone 5S displaying a blue screen of death (BSOD) and restarts, which is typically an
Top 3 Ways to Fix iPhone 7/SE/6s/6/5s/5/4 Red Screen of Death
My iPhone 8 keeps rebooting after updating to iOS 11.0.3. I cannot figure out how to fix it. Anyone can help?