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[2023 Fixes] How to Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing on Android

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2020-03-09 / Update for  Fix Android

Today, the Instagram app on my mobile started crashing. As soon as I am starting the app, it is getting stopped. I have tried many things; reinstallation the app, restarting the mobile, updating Android. I even tried looking for available Instagram updates. But nothing works."

Instagram is an excellent social media platform. Its popularity exceeds many with millions of users. Instagram is used for sharing pictures, videos, and even chatting. The Android version of the app works seamlessly, or it seemed that way. Users have started pointing out issues with the applications. One of the most significant ones is Instagram crashing Android. This is a very frustrating issue. But we urge the users not to panic. This is fixable, and the solutions are detailed in the article below.

Part 1. Why Instagram Keeps Crashing/Stopping on Android?

Instagram is a great application, there are some occasional issues with the app, but it is definitely not invincible. If the app is crashing, there are definite reasons for it.

But we won't be able to point out why Instagram not working on Android, particularly on your mobile. Still, we can point out the general reasons for the app crashing.

  • RAM is full
  • Instagram is out of date
  • Instagram app is corrupted
  • Conflicts with other apps
  • Instagram is down

These are the general reasons behind the app's misbehave on several Android mobiles. If you are looking for the solutions, then check the later part of this article.

Part 2. 8 Quick Fixes to "Unfortunately, Instagram has stopped" error on Android Phone/Tablet?

If Instagram has stopped Android, then it is a very unfortunate situation for you. But worry not, we have listed 8 quick ways to fix the performance of the Instagram app on Android mobiles. Check them out.

  • 1. Restart Instagram:

    The first thing you should is to force stop the Instagram app and then launch the app again.

  • 2. Restart your device:

    Sometimes, simply by restarting the device any significant issues can be fixed. That rule also applies to this situation. If restarting the Instagram app didn’t work, then restart your Android mobile. It could be helpful.

  • 3. Clear the Instagram App Cache

    If Instagram and smartphone restart was not helpful, then you need to clear Instagram App Cache files. The cache files can cause a huge impact on the performance of any application. So, they need to be cleared, frequently.

    Go to the Settings > Application Manager > All Apps > Instagram > Storage > tap on Clear Data and then tap on “Clear Cache’.

    cache files
    Pic 1. Clear Instagram cache
  • 4. Update Instagram

    If Instagram keeps stopping Android, even after clearing the cache file; then try updating the app. Go to the App Store and navigate to My Apps & Games. If there is an update available for Instagram, install the update.

  • 5. Check for Conflict with Other Apps

    There is a possibility that the Instagram app is conflicting with some other app, dampening its performance. It happens, sometimes if you have installed a new app on the mobile, it may come into conflict with some other app. So, check which apps you have installed recently and remove them. See if things change.

  • 6. Check If the Whole of Instagram is Down

    You also have to consider the possibility of an entire Instagram server being down. If such, then you have to wait. The Instagram authority will fix the issue.

  • 7. Wipe cache partition

    If Instagram is still not working, then you have to clear the Cache Partition. This is one of the most effective ways to make the app working again. Reboot into the recovery by pressing Volume Up and Power buttons on most phones and select the wipe cache partition option.

    wipe cache partition
    Pic 2. Wipe cache partition
  • 8. Reinstall Instagram

    Last but not least, you need to uninstall the Instagram app and then install it again. The steps are very simple. Navigate to Apps from Settings and then tap on App & Permissions. Locate the Instagram app and tap on it followed by a tap on the Uninstall button.

    uninstall instagram
    Pic 3. Uninstall Instagram

Part 3. Repair Android OS to Fix Instagram not Working on Android due to Glitched OS

It is also possible that Instagram is causing issues due to a glitch in the Android system. Basically, the operating system is damaged and having a problem to run the app. If such is the situation, you won’t be able to fix it without a professional Android system repair software. There are several options available on the internet.

But keeping in mind the safety and security, we recommend the users Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android. This is an excellent program by Tenorshare. Its operation is vast, capable of fixing various Android related issues like Youtube not working on Android, Android Camera not working. Now, let’s see how it works.

  • Get the program on your computer. Then, complete the installation and run ReiBoot. Next, connect the Android and select the Repair Android System tab on the interface.

    repair android system
    Image 1. Connect Android Device
  • After that, click on Repair Now and proceed.

    repair now
    Image 2. Repair Now
  • Then, you have to provide device info. Fill out the boxes.

    provide device details
    Image 3. Download Firmware Package
  • Now, it is time to download the firmware required for the procedure. After the firmware installation is complete, click ‘Repair Now’.

    start repair
    Image 4. Start Repair

As soon as you click on that button, system repair will begin. The procedure takes only a few minutes.


Therefore, if Instagram videos not playing Android, then you know what to do. Each of the solutions is effective, but if you are locked out, then you still have the option to use Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android. This is a sure solution, try it out.